Our Top 3: Female DC Characters

Chelsea here and I just want to say we are SO sorry for not posting yesterday. We had a long busy day and it totally slipped our minds! But we are going to redeem ourselves today.

Since I have proclaimed my love and appreciation for female comic characters, I am excited about this post. Plus Dylan isn’t going to be putting in his opinion on this topic because he is a sexist pig. No, not really. He just couldn’t come up with three picks so we are just leaving him out.

#3 is Batgirl, which you probably could have guessed because of my apparent Batgirlobsession with Gotham City and everything around it. I have no reason, she doesn’t have outstanding powers. Honestly I just like the idea of a female fighting along side of a male in harmony. It showed a lot of advancement for the females in the time of day it was written. Feminist may not have liked it but I think the story line just works well.


#2 After doing our Fan Cast for the Teen Titans, I was really intrigues with Starfire. She’s taking my top two pick for so many reasons. She’s a freaking alien! Not an ugly creepy one, like The Martian Man Hunter, she’s an attractive alien. She has the whole Superman type story because she doesn’t fit in starfire_by_malla13-d4lug0vwith humans but she overcomes it and turns into a hero. Starfire’s relationship with Dick Grayson is also something that caught my eye, because I love Robin. Just the fact that she’s a Teen Titan makes her so adorable for so kick a** at the same time! She converts ultraviolet light and converts in into energy, where she can use the energy to fly. She can also create ‘Starbolts’ with the energy she generates from the sun. So basically she has infinite amounts of power, as long as the sun doesn’t die.


#1 Can I get a testament that Wonder Woman is the greatest and most powerful female DC character?! If you know me at all, wonder_woman_by_penichet-d4g0o7lyou know of my love for The Amazonian Princess. Because of Greek Mythological ancestry I immediately grew partial to her. The daughter of Zeus and the blessing of each god and goddess bestowed upon her. She was destined for greatness from the moment she was born. Diana has so many powers I can’t even remember them all. Super strength, agility, super speed up to 60 MPH or more, ESP, astral projection, telepathy (with or without the Mental Radio), and mental control over the electricity in her body. Those are just a few, of course these all varied depending on the comic and the time period. She also has the lasso of truth which is BRILLIANT. How many other super heroes can make their villains tell the truth?? I won’t rant any longer because you’re probably bored already.





But there you have it. My top three DC Heroin’s. I really want to know who your favorites are, so don’t be shy to comment and let me know what’s on your mind! Thanks so much for reading!

See ya, BYE! :)


Our Top 3: Mavel Female Characters

Dylan will be starting us off again, fingers crossed he doesn’t steal any of my favorite… There are limited female roles in most comics period and to find the cools ones is even harder. So here we go!


#3: Rogue. “Touch me and I’ll kill you.” While she probably never actually said this, it definitely holds true. Anna Marie finds out in the Rogue-x-men-24957901-942-1250most unfortunate of ways, attempting to plant one on her boyfriend and he stiffens up, ceases to breathe, and shows no signs of life. Talk about a mood kill. She can fly, and has the touch of death. What else do you need? Her white streak of hair and southern belle act is always charming, but make no mistake Rogue is a beast and therefore gains spot #3.


#2 Storm. While Chelsea will probably say its incredibly cliché and cheating to put two of the X-Men into my rankings, I don’t really have a choice. Ororo Munroe has the power to control all the weather. Rain, snow, hail, ice, wind, lightning, freezing 1333934-storm100cold temperatures, and blistering hot temperatures. That means she can make tornadoes appear out of thin air, turn up the heat on you, or go all Zues on ya and just freaking strike you with a lightning bolt. Couple her mastery of the elements with the ability to fly and her whited out eyeballs when it all happens, and Storm easily makes it at #2.



#1. The Black Widow. This can get a little dicey. As I saw yesterday a lot of you didn’t agree with my pick of Nightcrawler on my top 3 males (watch the opening of X2 untitledagain and see if that changes your mind). Yes; Natasha Romanov doesn’t technically have any super powers. Newsflash though… Neither does Iron Man OR Batman. Say what you will Natasha is a butt-kicking, ginger headed spy who knows how to get what she wants. A skilled martial artist, an experienced gunman, er woman, and a master tactician. Her role as an ally to SHIELD further proves how brilliant she is, and her merely being mentioned in the same breath as The First Avengers speaks dividends on how her combat skills would compare to another meager spy. Black Widow is a B.A.B. What what.



Well he did, he took my Rouge!


#3 I have to give my number three spot to Rogue, even though Dylan did too. I can recollect being around 8 or 9 and watching the first X-Men movie. 14884_1242677302642_300_400Rouge accidently kills her boyfriend then runs away from home and stumbles across the incredibly confused Logan or as we better know him, The Wolverine. Together they are rescued from Sabretooth and Magneto by Storm and Cyclops, bringing them back to Xavier. From there Rouge sparks up a relationship with Bobby Drake, The Ice Man. Logan becomes extremely protective of her and their relationship continues to grow. So, other than the fact she has the touch of death, I genuinely created a like for her because she was so relatable.

#2 on my list is Emma Frost. My taste for her, like Rouge came from the X-Men movies as well. FirstEmma_Frost_by_diablo2003 Class was an amazing movie and after seeing the movie I was much more interested in Emma’s character then her appearance in Origins. (Quick side note rant: The Wolverine Origins movie is so out of place and completely throws off all the other movies, it literally annoys me to no avail… Rant over.) With that being said, Emma has the ability to crystalize herself, making her almost impenetrable, she also has telepathic abilities as well as telekinetic potential. If she ever managed to tap into all of her powers, she would be a force to mess with.


#1 no surprise here, the most powerful mutant in the comic world, male and female… Jean Grey AKA jean_grey_is_phoenix_by_trktrx-d2yjo5mThe Phoenix. You cannot deny that she is the greatest power to exist. When Professor X first encountered Jean at a young age, she was unable to control her powers because of the immensity of them. Xavier was forced to suppress her telepathic powers therefor forcing her to focus on her telekinesis, allowing her to telepathic powers to grow at their own rate. These intentions were pure in that he didn’t want the strength of any of her powers to out grow the others, which would have resulted in the demise of herself. The coolest part about Jean is her alter ego or split personality, The Phoenix. When in Phoenix form she has what we call the Phoenix Force where her powers escalate beyond imagination. I’m not even going to get into all the things she can do when in Phoenix form because the list is forever long. I’ll just leave it at she IS and will ALWAYS be the most powerful mutant.








There ya have it, our top three Female Marvel Heroins. Like I said with the males… we hope we didn’t offend anyone by not mentioning your faves. If you want to share those with us we would love to hear what you have to say. Ultimately we hope to have opened some insight into our favorite as well!

See ya, BYE! :)