Our Top 3: Female DC Characters

Chelsea here and I just want to say we are SO sorry for not posting yesterday. We had a long busy day and it totally slipped our minds! But we are going to redeem ourselves today.

Since I have proclaimed my love and appreciation for female comic characters, I am excited about this post. Plus Dylan isn’t going to be putting in his opinion on this topic because he is a sexist pig. No, not really. He just couldn’t come up with three picks so we are just leaving him out.

#3 is Batgirl, which you probably could have guessed because of my apparent Batgirlobsession with Gotham City and everything around it. I have no reason, she doesn’t have outstanding powers. Honestly I just like the idea of a female fighting along side of a male in harmony. It showed a lot of advancement for the females in the time of day it was written. Feminist may not have liked it but I think the story line just works well.


#2 After doing our Fan Cast for the Teen Titans, I was really intrigues with Starfire. She’s taking my top two pick for so many reasons. She’s a freaking alien! Not an ugly creepy one, like The Martian Man Hunter, she’s an attractive alien. She has the whole Superman type story because she doesn’t fit in starfire_by_malla13-d4lug0vwith humans but she overcomes it and turns into a hero. Starfire’s relationship with Dick Grayson is also something that caught my eye, because I love Robin. Just the fact that she’s a Teen Titan makes her so adorable for so kick a** at the same time! She converts ultraviolet light and converts in into energy, where she can use the energy to fly. She can also create ‘Starbolts’ with the energy she generates from the sun. So basically she has infinite amounts of power, as long as the sun doesn’t die.


#1 Can I get a testament that Wonder Woman is the greatest and most powerful female DC character?! If you know me at all, wonder_woman_by_penichet-d4g0o7lyou know of my love for The Amazonian Princess. Because of Greek Mythological ancestry I immediately grew partial to her. The daughter of Zeus and the blessing of each god and goddess bestowed upon her. She was destined for greatness from the moment she was born. Diana has so many powers I can’t even remember them all. Super strength, agility, super speed up to 60 MPH or more, ESP, astral projection, telepathy (with or without the Mental Radio), and mental control over the electricity in her body. Those are just a few, of course these all varied depending on the comic and the time period. She also has the lasso of truth which is BRILLIANT. How many other super heroes can make their villains tell the truth?? I won’t rant any longer because you’re probably bored already.





But there you have it. My top three DC Heroin’s. I really want to know who your favorites are, so don’t be shy to comment and let me know what’s on your mind! Thanks so much for reading!

See ya, BYE! :)


Our Top 3: Male DC Characters

Dylan here! Sorry for our weekend hiatus! Busy weekend, we probably won’t post on most weekends and will do a bulk of our posts during the week. Give ya something to look forward to.

As you can see we are transition to DC on our top 3 lists. If there is anything that you all would like us to write about, or give our insight on then feel free to leave a comment! Ok, back to Chels, you’ll hear more from me in a minute!

Well, we are at it again. Ranking our favorite Male DC Heroes. You should just know now that we are pretty partial to Marvel, so this was a little harder for us. And we typed this previously but right before posting it, it was all erased… so if you catch some bitterness in our typing…

Chelsea here, kicking off my list with…

#3 nun a nun a nun a nuna blah blah blah… BATMAN! I’ll make this short and sweet, I am only picking this millionaire because I love his batman_solitude_by_garang76-d2zs9dpback story and his villains and everyone else surrounding Gotham City. Really, the only reason I am picking any of the guys I am about to pick are because of their backstory. Batman is a pansy if you ask me, he just pays people to make his weaponry and takes all the credit to himself. He has no real powers or talents. His wealth wasn’t even earned himself, it was passed down to him. Now before you jump down my throat and say he was trained in martial arts by those cult type people, I would commend him for that if he actually used it. BUT he doesn’t. Instead he throws Batarangs at the bad guys and then throws them in jail instead of taking care of them the right way. I will say that he does have a soft heart for orphaned children, like himself, that I appreciate.


#2 with that being said, I bring in my number two pick. untitledThe Boy Wonder himself! Robin! The original one that is, because if you know anything about Robin you know that there has been over five different people, male and female, assume the role of Robin. Again I’m a sucker for his backstory as well as his ending. Dick Grayson’s acrobatic family travels in a circus, where his parents are tragically killed by a gangster for no apparent reason. Bruce investigates the case and discovers the orphaned child, ultimately gaining custody of him and training him to be Robin. He then fights along side of the Gotham vigilante until he heads off to college, where he then proclaims a name for himself as Nightwing.

#1 I bet you can guess what comes next, Nightwing. I know that is kind of cheating because it’s the same person, but I’m going to classify ds;lfknhim separately because he passes down his role as Robin to Jason Todd. While Nightwing or Robin don’t have any real powers of their own, they do both have incredibly stealth acrobatic moves that set them apart from the competition, as well as their mentor. I just love Nightwings story because he overcame his fate and stepped out of Batman’s shadows to become his own hero. Now that deserves a movie, don’t you think?








Let’s see who Dylan comes up with now! Let me guess… Flash, Batman andddd… Aquaman? Hahaha totally kidding on that last one!

Isn’t she just so loving? Ok guys, I’m about to shock the world here again. I’m not gonna be totally cliché, nor am I gonna center my post around all things Batman *cough cough*^^^^^ Growing up I wasn’t as entranced with the DC universe as my friends, thus my knowledge and passion for Marvel. While I know enough about the characters the void of DC in my childhood was filled by Cartoon Network. (Yes, Cartoon Network) Don’t laugh because these guys are pretty cool in their own right, but these three underrated, and oft underappreciated individuals and groups hold a special place in my heart.

#3 Static. “WHO?!?!?!??!?!??!!???????!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!” Static. You know! Static shock, Virgil Hawkins? No? Well that’s what I’m here for. 2665579-static_shock_header_610x450Virgil Hawkins a simple kid with a knack for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. His town of Dakota, riddled with gang activity, was in the middle of a gang war. Virgil was trying to stop his friend when a reaction happened causing a mutagenic gas explosion giving Virg, and all the gang bangers powers. Seeing that his peers had many negative ideas for how to test their new abilities, Virgil became Static to stop all of the “bang babies”. Using his powers to harness and fashion electricity he surfs through the sky on a sewage manhole cover, projects electric jolts, moves objects and people with his bare hands! He isn’t your typical Superman, but his good will and unique super powers snuck into a special place in my heart.


#2 Batman…….Beyond. Batman Beyond as in Terry McGinnis. Where Virgil was a good boy just trying to make things right, Terry was an 120557-batman-batman-beyondangry teenager bent on ending the crime in Gotham that took his own fathers life. Le me set the mood here. 2019 Bruce Wayne is has a new suit, and has severed his ties with all of his former allies and foes. He now is just your everyday vigilante when he answers a damsel in distress call. During this he suffers a small heart attack and says to himself “Never again.” and decides to hang it up. 2039 17 year old Terry stumbles upon the batcave and sleek bat suit after learning of his fathers death at the hands of Jokerz. Under the mentoring of Wayne, with his sleek suit, his futuristic gadgets and motorcycle he starts to slowly dwindle the crime of Gotham. Along the way he makes new foes of his own (Blight, Shriek, Stalker, Jokerz, etc.) and encounters some old “friends” of Wayne (Bane, Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow, and of course The Joker) Terry is a Bad A, which makes Batman Beyond all the more awesome.

#1 Teen Titans…….GO! I know, its a group….AND it’s not the Justice League. Bare with me here.2671168-Teen_Titans_2

While they don’t have the manpower, resources, or even experience of the JL. That makes them even more underrated these are TEENS! Led by Robin, who knows a thing or two about this super hero thing, the TT’s have a very diverse group. Cyborg, Beast boy, Raven, Starfire, Thunder and Lightning, Hotspot, Aqualad, Mas Y Menos, etc, etc, etc the list goes on! Couple that with the revamped Deathstroke as Slade, Robin gone rogue as the AWESOME Red-X, and the cult type villainhood that is The Hive and The Teen Titans just continue to impress. Teen Titans go, right to #1,




If you are a DC fanatic, please let us know who you think are your favorite Male Characters and why! We are really interested in who you all prefer!


Thanks for reading!

See ya, BYE! :)