Our Top 3: Mavel Female Characters

Dylan will be starting us off again, fingers crossed he doesn’t steal any of my favorite… There are limited female roles in most comics period and to find the cools ones is even harder. So here we go!


#3: Rogue. “Touch me and I’ll kill you.” While she probably never actually said this, it definitely holds true. Anna Marie finds out in the Rogue-x-men-24957901-942-1250most unfortunate of ways, attempting to plant one on her boyfriend and he stiffens up, ceases to breathe, and shows no signs of life. Talk about a mood kill. She can fly, and has the touch of death. What else do you need? Her white streak of hair and southern belle act is always charming, but make no mistake Rogue is a beast and therefore gains spot #3.


#2 Storm. While Chelsea will probably say its incredibly cliché and cheating to put two of the X-Men into my rankings, I don’t really have a choice. Ororo Munroe has the power to control all the weather. Rain, snow, hail, ice, wind, lightning, freezing 1333934-storm100cold temperatures, and blistering hot temperatures. That means she can make tornadoes appear out of thin air, turn up the heat on you, or go all Zues on ya and just freaking strike you with a lightning bolt. Couple her mastery of the elements with the ability to fly and her whited out eyeballs when it all happens, and Storm easily makes it at #2.



#1. The Black Widow. This can get a little dicey. As I saw yesterday a lot of you didn’t agree with my pick of Nightcrawler on my top 3 males (watch the opening of X2 untitledagain and see if that changes your mind). Yes; Natasha Romanov doesn’t technically have any super powers. Newsflash though… Neither does Iron Man OR Batman. Say what you will Natasha is a butt-kicking, ginger headed spy who knows how to get what she wants. A skilled martial artist, an experienced gunman, er woman, and a master tactician. Her role as an ally to SHIELD further proves how brilliant she is, and her merely being mentioned in the same breath as The First Avengers speaks dividends on how her combat skills would compare to another meager spy. Black Widow is a B.A.B. What what.



Well he did, he took my Rouge!


#3 I have to give my number three spot to Rogue, even though Dylan did too. I can recollect being around 8 or 9 and watching the first X-Men movie. 14884_1242677302642_300_400Rouge accidently kills her boyfriend then runs away from home and stumbles across the incredibly confused Logan or as we better know him, The Wolverine. Together they are rescued from Sabretooth and Magneto by Storm and Cyclops, bringing them back to Xavier. From there Rouge sparks up a relationship with Bobby Drake, The Ice Man. Logan becomes extremely protective of her and their relationship continues to grow. So, other than the fact she has the touch of death, I genuinely created a like for her because she was so relatable.

#2 on my list is Emma Frost. My taste for her, like Rouge came from the X-Men movies as well. FirstEmma_Frost_by_diablo2003 Class was an amazing movie and after seeing the movie I was much more interested in Emma’s character then her appearance in Origins. (Quick side note rant: The Wolverine Origins movie is so out of place and completely throws off all the other movies, it literally annoys me to no avail… Rant over.) With that being said, Emma has the ability to crystalize herself, making her almost impenetrable, she also has telepathic abilities as well as telekinetic potential. If she ever managed to tap into all of her powers, she would be a force to mess with.


#1 no surprise here, the most powerful mutant in the comic world, male and female… Jean Grey AKA jean_grey_is_phoenix_by_trktrx-d2yjo5mThe Phoenix. You cannot deny that she is the greatest power to exist. When Professor X first encountered Jean at a young age, she was unable to control her powers because of the immensity of them. Xavier was forced to suppress her telepathic powers therefor forcing her to focus on her telekinesis, allowing her to telepathic powers to grow at their own rate. These intentions were pure in that he didn’t want the strength of any of her powers to out grow the others, which would have resulted in the demise of herself. The coolest part about Jean is her alter ego or split personality, The Phoenix. When in Phoenix form she has what we call the Phoenix Force where her powers escalate beyond imagination. I’m not even going to get into all the things she can do when in Phoenix form because the list is forever long. I’ll just leave it at she IS and will ALWAYS be the most powerful mutant.








There ya have it, our top three Female Marvel Heroins. Like I said with the males… we hope we didn’t offend anyone by not mentioning your faves. If you want to share those with us we would love to hear what you have to say. Ultimately we hope to have opened some insight into our favorite as well!

See ya, BYE! :)


Mortal Kombat vs. DC

Chelsea here, with some Mortal Kombat ranting! I haven’t the slightest idea when the news for this video game was released but I just stumbled across the character photos and I was mind blown. Not only do the Mortal Kombat characters look great but they did the DC characters justice as well. I think the title of the blog gives away the title of the game. Mortal Kombat vs. DC is in stores now! This is a remake of a game if I am thinking correctly and looks pretty cool from what I saw. If you’ve played it or own it let me know what you think of it! If you want some more information on the game head over to www. worldscollide.com and check it out.

Now let’s bask in the glory of graphic animation…

So to start off the DC world we have Superman and his antagonist Lex Luthor, actually looking cooler than ever.



And the notoriously creepy Joker, along side of his favorite person to bully, Batman himself.



Here we have the most commonly known DC women, Wonder Woman and Cat Woman.



These guys who look virtually the same. Shazam on the left and The Flash on the right. Who ever created these guys were obviously oblivious to the fact they look exactly alike.



Lastly we see, in order from left to right, Dark Seid, Deathstroke and The Green Lantern.






I couldn’t start off the MK side with out the most common enemies, Sub-Zero and Scorpion.



This is Shao Kahn and what they are calling Dark Kahn.



Kano and Baraka are two of my least favorite characters, but here they are.



Lui Kang and his rival Shang Tsung.



The partners in crime Sonya Blade and Jax.



And last… but certainly not least… Princess Kitana!


Don’t forget to check out www.worldscollide.com for more details on the game!

Sinister Six Casting

Dylan, has a slight obsession with the concept of The Sinister Six. So to entertain this thought we are going to share who we think should play each villain.

Rather than following the comic book depictions of the Sinister Six, we are going to contribute three new characters to the existing villains in the current Amazing Spiderman films.

The Lizard:

Who was played by Rhys Ifans in The Amazing Spiderman with Andrew Garfield, would return if the character joined the rhys-ifans-on-the-amazing-spider-man-s-the-lizard-106329-470-75sinister six. It wouldn’t make any sense to recast the character and honestly it would just confuse people. But you are wondering, why would The Lizard come back at all? Well, Curt Connors is the only person who knows Peter Parkers true identity in this movies world and that could be something pivotal to the plot. Also Connors has insight into the untimely death of Parkers parents. I think that gives him plenty of reason to come back and kill off the vigilante but he knows he can’t do it alone, therefor assembling the Sinister Six. spiderman-lizard-from-movieRecruiting Electro and Rhino along the way is a given because they are appearing in the next Amazing Spiderman. We can assume there will be unfinished business with those two as well. So let’s delve into Electro…

Electro: spider-man-2-electro

We don’t know much about the plot of the new spidey movie coming out, other than tasm-2-spider-man-jamie-foxxElectro will be played by Jamie Foxx and Rhino by Paul Giamatti. We don’t know how Electro will be transformed into his villainess form, let alone any motive he would have towards targeting Spiderman. So we are just going to leave that at that. While there was some fuss about how they would make Electro’s costume not incredibly tacky, once these photos were leaked there was nothing but positive feed back. We are personally thrilled to see Foxx’s performance and think the whole movie is going to be mind blowing. You can see these two photos where Foxx is being depicted as an elder man, who’s lacking self confidence. There is a true transformation once his powers are received. He now has this “I hate the world!” look going for him and it’s terrifyingly perfect for the character.


The same goes for Giamatti, who is portraying a really bad A looking Rhino. We don’t know much about this movie at all. Sony has done a really great job of keeping it really professional and secret. Amazing+Spider-Man+Rhino+ChargingSome might find that annoying but I think it is truly bringing tons of anticipations. As far as The Rhino and Electro go, we would hope they will return with The Sinister Six, creating one of the most complex plots of comic movie history.




Kraven The Hunter:Kraven-the-Hunter

Gerard Butler is our pick for the Russian hunter, with particular taste for our hero Spiderman. While Butler fits the tall, dark and handsome persona of The Hunter, he rounds it all off with his ability to grow a barbaric type beard and his dark mane. We hope to see Kraven as a villain in The Six simply because of his ruthlessness and his specific desire to catch our web slinger as his ultimate game.






In NBC’s television drama, Heroes,  Zachary Quinto exhibits elusive and eery qualities as the series antagonist. We most commonly associate Quinto with his more popular role of Spack in Star Trek, where he is also slightly odd MV5BMTQ3MjEzOTU4MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjMwMTY0Mg@@__V1__SX640_SY828_and a little comical. Mysterio is a tortured man, who decides to take havoc on the city for no reason. His knowledge of special effects is what makes it possible for him to create these elaborate high-jacks, where he ultimately blames them on other people. Thus making him so mysterious. So with Quinto’s abilty to already portray a mysterious character we see him fit to fill the 5Mysteriofish bowl.










John Malkovich was originally casted as The Vulture in the fourth installment of Tobey McQuire’s Spiderman series. But after the third spider-man-4-vultureimagesCAR4TV9Vmovie was a complete disaster, the fourth failed to exist. So we feel it’s only fitting that if The Vulture is to return, Malkovich should get his chance to show us his depiction of the decrepit man, seeking youth again. We have already John play the role of a villain in a movie, ex. The Knock Around Guys, so we know he has the potential. But ultimately we just want to see Malkovich hooked up to harness’s floating across The Big Apple.

The Dark Night Legacy

A fan made trailer has surfaced on Youtube, tying up some loose strings from the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy. If you saw the movies you know of the confusion Nolan left us all with.

1. We all wanted to know if Batman was dead. He flies off into the ocean with an atomic bomb, we see it explode but with not enough clarification to see if he ejects himself in time.

2. Then if that wasn’t confusing enough, we see Albert on his vacation, looking into the distance and there across the floor we see Bruce Wayne and Selena Kyle herself. Earlier in the movie Albert told Bruce Wayne of this fantasy, so we don’t know if this is Albert imagining this or if they are actually there in flesh.

3. To top all of that off we have Joseph Gordan-Levitt’s character. Through the movie Batman is mentoring him and challenging him to embrace his inner hero, then they throw in the fact his middle name is Robin. (Kind of corny…) But it made us want a Robin movie! Or at least a little scene at the end to let us know he was carrying on as Robin, Nightwing or Batman himself.

Altogether the movie left us assuming, which I personally hated. So check out this fan made trailer and see what their depiction of events looks like!

See ya, BYE! :)

Our Top 3: Male Marvel Characters

Dylan is up first to pick his top three all time favorite Marvel Comic characters. Let’s see how incredible cliché he can be!

Jerkface :p

My name is Dylan, my opinion is superior to yours. So without further adieu my top three Heroes- or teams- of the most dominant comic and cinema brand, Marvel.

#3 Nightcrawler.

Nightcrawler-nightcrawler-30495185-600-927I know what you’re thinking, no really I do. “Nightcrawler?!?! Are you kidding me?!?!?!?!?!” No I’m not, allow me to explain.First of all Kurt Wagner (His secret identity) is a mutant by definition, but what makes him so interesting is he is the spawn of two other mutants! His father demonic warlord Azazel and more familiar to the casual, Mystique. Moving on from his bloodline this guy adopts the blue skin of his mother, and the demonic depiction of his father. His power, which he got from his father, is what makes him so unique. Nightcrawler has the ability to teleport. Wherever. Whenever. Poof. Deuces. He’s gone. Sabretooth attacks? Poof, right behind him now. Magneto’s lair about to blow? Poof, your are at safety by the time it explodes. This unique power alone is enough to put the Blue guy in my top 3.

#2 Deadpool.

This is kind of a different pick from most favorites as well, but he is easier to support than Nightcrawler. DEADPOOL-PS3-boxWade Wilson, his real name, is an esteemed marksman, and also a highly trained swordsman. What seperates “The Merc of Mouth” from any other ordinary assassin or mercenary is his ability to heal, much like Wolverine. But what’s so fun about Deadpool is his sanity, or lack thereof. Deadpool knows he is in a comic, knows he is in a video game, and if they ever made a movie he would know that he was in it too. Many of his peers think he is crazy, assuming he is just talking to himself, but obviously Deadpool is ahead of the game and claims a the number 2 spot on my top 3.

#1 Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can!

That’s right! No metal suits, no mutation, no super soilder serum, no gamma ray Spidrman-spider-man-34793178-1680-1050generation, no Norse mythology! Just a good ole smarty pants getting bitten by a radioactive (I feel it in my bones!) spider. This gives Peter Parker the ability to climb walls, and to spin, shoot, and sling webs just like his arachnid predecessor. Not only that but he has crazy reflexes thanks to his Spidey Sense, and is super fast, strong, and agile. While I can argue Spidey has it the roughest when it comes to shear volume in villains (Green Goblin, Venom, Cranage, Sinister Six, etc….) that’s not why I admire him the most. Pete sits there and takes it on the chin, over and over again as his peers talk about his alter ego being nothing but a law breaking vigilante. Whats worse? He has to take pictures of him “law breaking” to make an honest living! HIs witty sarcasm, and sticky situations (Beyonder, Madame Webb, etc…) round out why he is simply the best.

That’s that, don’t bother reading Chelsea’s because I win. And we already have your click… Just kidding folks.

Until next time, I bid you farewell.

Okay well despite my husband’s need to put me down, I’m going to continue with my top three male Marvel Comic heroes… Just a quick disclaimer here, we are going to do a list of our favorite Marvel villains and female characters later on, so don’t think our lists are completely dumb.

679055-440px_ironman_head_1_#3 is going to have to go to the one and only Iron Man.

Now, let me explain myself before you become completely disinterested. Tony Stark is a genius and a brilliantly sarcastic one at that. His blunt approach at just about everything is what makes me love him the most. Before the Iron Man movie, I honestly couldn’t have given two craps about him but after Robert Downey Jr.’s depiction of him, I was sold along side of America. The fact that he’s rolling in dough due to his extensive knowledge in weaponry, passed down from his father, makes him have all types of insight into upgrading his suit. So there ya go, that’s about all I have to say about the delectable Tony Stark.

#2 is going to go to Gambit.

65_GambitYou’ll see a trend here, I like the guys who are complete jack holes to people… Something about their “I couldn’t careless” attitude makes them desirable to me. I always root for them because I feel they deserve it, as apposed to someone like Nightcrawler, who just wants pity and attention. (Yes, that was a blow at my husband.) So anyways, Remy LeBeau and his ability to control potential and kinetic energy has me captivated. Most often we see Gambit with a deck of cards, which to his enemies seems puny. Therefore giving Gambit the advantage because he is underestimated, when he demonstrates his powers and that card goes flying through their wind pipe, we see where the true strength lies.

#1 is kind of cliché, so after I gave Dylan a hard time I ended up putting Wolverine as my number one.

Please don’t chastise me! He’s one of the most well known Marvel heroes and I typically wouldn’t acknowledge him as being superior but I mean he’s too bad not too.Wolverine-Comic-Book Let’s face it, he’s the ultimate hero. Aside from the whole part where he lost his memory and has no idea who he is, blah blah blah… He has adamantium running through his body, his claws are virtually indestructible, unless cut with adamantium itself. He’s immortal because he self heals. But then again the adamantium is his biggest downfall because Magneto has the edge over him there. My real love for him comes from his attitude, again with the guys who don’t give a crap about anything. He comes off as hard and careless but deep down all he really longs for is to remember who he was before and how he got to where he is now.

Well, there ya have it folks. Our top three Male Marvel Characters. I hope we didn’t entirely offend anyone by leaving out your favorite. Maybe we even opened up some insight on some new characters you may not have been interested in. Let us know what you think and who your favorite’s are.

See ya, BYE. :)