Real Life Super Heroes

As you can clearly tell Dylan and I love our super heroes. Pretty much all of our posts are about comics and their characters. So I’m going to delve into a topic that most would never touch. The idea of us, your every day, boring as dirt humans, having real super powers. I watched a video on YouTube and it got me thinking. Check this out. Oh my gosh, I was mind blown. While some are obviously cooler than others, it’s still so exciting to imagine humans with powers.

The video says a lot itself, so I don’t need to say much about it. But I do want to talk about what I think would be the coolest powers to have!

3. To have super strength. I’m a weak little girl with absolutely no ability to fend for myself. I was taught to go for the groin! But really, super strength could come in handy in all types on situations. Lifting, fighting, lifting… fighting……. Okay I guess it doesn’t really have that much impact BUT it would still be awesome.

2. Telekinetic I think is the right word. To move things with your mind. AH! I can just see the pound adding on because I would be so lazy if I had this ability! And can I just say how funny it would be to scare people with this power? Like moving crap around and they have no idea how it’s happening?! I’m dead! But in the aspect of being a hero, the power would be limitless. You enemy would never know what was coming next.

1. I have to be typical and say to be Telepathic because with this power comes extreme responsibility and growth. You can virtually do anything with this, once you have mastered it. I would really just want to know what people are thinking about me though. As a girl with really strong opinions of other, I can’t help but be curious about what they think of me. Now, don’t misconstrue that for anything else that curiosity because then I’ll have to go and make a strong opinion about you. With this power though, you are always one step ahead! Unless of course there is a special helmet out there that blocks you from getting into some ones head.


Guys, I really want to know what power you would want and why! I’ll get Dylan to make a post on a later date about what he would like to have as well! Until then…….


See ya, BYE! :) 


What Do We Want From Marvel Pt. 2

This is going to be a continuation of the post below, so without further delay…

First off we got X-Men: The Days of Future Past. X-Men really separated themselves from the trainwreck that was “The Last Stand” in “First Class”. They introduced some of the regular characters when they were younger and some newbies, in an exhilarating storyline. This movie first and foremost I want to see the utter disregard for human life by Magneto. Dude is a bad-A for sue, and he raised some eyebrows in the previous installment, only setting the stage for the potential of this movie! If this storyline is half as good as “First Class” it could put X-Men in a good position with its fans for a long time!

If you don’t know this already, I (Chelsea) am an X-Men Fanatic! I love all things X-men! Even though Fox has totally screwed up pretty much the whole story line, I have high hopes that this movie will tie some of it together. Or at least offer an explanation for some of our confusion. I guess the movie is supposed to take place ten years after First Class as well as Last Stand. A lot of time has went by and a lot can happen in ten years. I’m interested mostly in seeing how they explain Jennifer Lawrences character as Mystique transforming into the more hateful, vengeful and ruthless one that Rebecca Romijn portrayed in the first three movies. When we see the time travel into the past, Mystique will have been with Magento for ten years. I’m assuming she has seen a lot of death and even taken part in it herself at this point. I think we will also see her struggling ten years into the future with her not mutant self. That is if they follow the events of The Last Stand. Knowing them they won’t and they’ll probably throw Professor Xavier in their with a freaking mowhawk. No but really, it freaking kills me how badly the movies were executed. Or maybe it just thrown off because of how ignorant both of the Wolverine movies were. poster-trioGranted they are both great stand alone movies, they make no sense chronologically with the other films. They completely threw off the juju they had going. Back to Days of Future Past Though! I am also really excited to see if they start hinting at Apocalypse! You can’t tell me that wouldn’t make a BAD story line. Oh and did I mention the all start cast that’s coming back together?! All the original heroes and the newer ones! Ah! Hugh Jackman (Wolverine), Halle Berry (Storm), Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique), Michael Fassbender (Magneto young), Evan Peters (Quick Silver), Ellen Page (Kitty Pryde), Nicholous Hoult (Beast), James McAvoy (Professor X), Ann Paquin (Rouge)… Oh my gosh it is never ending! I won’t bore you with more. Check our IMDB to see all the castings though. I also want to add one more thing, since Quick Silver is in this movie, we are going to see Magneto impregnate some one!!! I want to know who, why, how (well not literally how… just how they met), where. I want to know it all. Okay, I’m sure you are sick of my rambling now… onto the next movie!


I guess the next movie on the list is Guardians of the Galaxy. I don’t think there is a release date for it yet, correct me if I am wrong though. It’s probably set some where towards summer of 2014. guardians-of-the-galaxy-concept-art-finalDylan thinks that this movie is going to be beyond stupid, but I’m trusting on Marvel and I think it will all make sense in the grand scheme of things. I literally know nothing about the comic, I just know that it involves Thanos. Who is supposed to be the bad guy of the next Avengers movie. Basically, I’m just looking forward to the movie for some cool hints into upcoming films.

Now we get to listen to Dylan go on about how stupid a talking raccoon is…….

First of all; I resent that. Second, you’re totally right! It’s not really my fault, I never really knew that the Guardians existed let alone were a part of the Marvel Universe. I keep hearing all this talk about how good the script is, how dead on the acting is, how they depicted each character perfectly, yada yada yada. Point blank the only things that make me excited for this movie is a talking Raccoon (Rocket Raccoon voiced by Bradley Cooper), a former wrestler in Batista getting a shot on the silver screen, and the slim possibility of a nifty end credits scene. So there.


The next movie in the works is a reboot of The Fantastic Four. The first films, I (Chelsea) feel was casted spot on but others think they were flops. 2728510-fantastic_four_by_jp_rartSo I have really high hopes that they will cast even better people this time around. There was a lot of talk about adding diversity to the films by casting Michael B. Jordan as The Human Torch. I was really thrown off by this initially because obviously Sue Storm and Johnny Storm are brother and sister, but they didn’t want to cast a black female for her role. I am trusting now that since Michael B. Jordan has taken the spot officially, they will explain very thoroughly how their biracial family came about. I think they best route to take would be that he was adopted, simply because he can’t pass for mixed because he is so dark skinned. And Sue being bleach blonde can’t pass for mixed either. Really, that’s my only concerns for the movies. I know no matter what the plot is, it’ll be good and action packed.

Personallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, I really don’t care about the whole brother and sister thing; here is why. While the casting was pretty good last time around, the plot and dialogue left a lot to be desired. While origins are very important to superheroes and any other related story it doesn’t matter to me that the Human Torch is going to be black. Michael B Jordan has put himself on the map with a solid performance on TV hit Friday Night Lights, then followed it up with many different roles in many different movies such as Chronicle, Red Tails, and his most recent Fruitvale Station. All showcase his tremendous acting ability, and his cockness womanizer vibe is a match made in heaven for Mr. Johnny Storm. Now for the rest of the cast; I have no doubt that they will bring a better script this time around, but the big question is casting. That will ultimately determine the success/failure of this movie.


Last confirmed movie but certainly not least, the movie that shook the nation, the most anticipated film in recent memory, The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Dylan here, and I get the biggest nerd boner when it comes to the Avengers. Age_of_Ultron_Vol_1_1_Midtown_Comics_VariantFirst off look at the people portraying them! Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark/Iron Man), Chris Evans (Steve Rogers/Captain America), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Jeremy Renner (Clint Barden/Hawkeye), Mark Ruffalo (Bruce Banner/Hulk), Scarlett Johannson (Natasha Romanov/Black Widow), and Samuel L. Jackson (Colonel Nick Fury) as the core 6 and leader! Look at that again! Not to mention who is coming on board for this movie, Aaron Taylor-Johnson (famous for Kick-A**) will be playing Pietro Maximoff aka Quicksilver, Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff aka The Scarlett Witch, and sidekick Anthony Mackie as The Falcon!!!! That’s a crazy amount of star talent on one screen! Not to mention Ultron being played as James Spader (The Blacklist) and maybe possibly Loki (Tom Hiddleston), talk about the maniacal coupling they could make. Then you have the easter eggs of new heroes, great acting, and a promise of the best action movie that your eyes will ever see! AHHHHHHHH!!!! Too much to handle! System Overload……

Chelsea’s turn to explain why Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch must be the exact same skin tone……….

Look okay, it just doesn’t make sense to me to change the original story line. If they are white in the comic keep them that way. If they are black the same goes. It’s like when they casted Halle Berry at Cat Woman, IT MADE 0 SENSE! Cat Woman is a white woman with long dark hair!!! I am confused however about why they are bring Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch into the movie though. I just associate them more with X-Men and their father Magneto than the Avengers. Since they are bringing Quicksilver into the new X-Men movie, a lot of confusion is going to take place being that there are two different guys playing the part in two different films. If they ever were planning on doing an Avengers vs. X-men thing, they’re screwed now. I hope that they don’t start making silly mistakes like that, the same way the X-men movies did. I think really highly of the creative process for The Avengers and all the other Marvel films, so I’m just clinching my fists at this idea.


I had to throw in this extremely adorable fan art picture on the baby Avengers and Ultron. Even on the playground Ultron was kicking butt and taking names!

Okay guys, come back next time for the next three movies in this installment!

See ya, BYE! :)