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What Do We Want From Marvel? pt. 1

Marvel has made it clear that they have movies in development to keep us entertained until 2021, as of right now. (click that link for a more in-depth explanation of their grand scheme and so I don’t have to site a bunch of sources by paraphrasing it! :D) At the pace they are going I think they are bound to keep them coming even after that though. But, what we are going to report to you today is, basically what we want to see out of the movies to come. We have a rough idea of what movies are for sure in the works and which ones will probably be tossed. We just want to shed some light onto which plots, characters, sequels, etc. we want to see happen.

To kick off the list, we are going to speculate about the next Marvel film to hit theatres.

Thor: The Dark World (November 8, 2013)

Even though this plot is already set in stone, we just want to talk a little about what we hope it entails. I (Chelsea) haven’t heard much of thor%20the%20dark%20world%20posteranything about the movie, I didn’t even really like the first one that much so I can’t generate any excitement right now. The only thing I am really hoping to see from the movie is Thor’s ignorance to Earth lingo and the naïve and HILARIOUS things he says. “I’ll have another!” You can not tell me you didn’t die laughing at that point in the movie! I also love Kat Dennings so she’s a plus to the film. I almost end up loving the supporting characters more than I like the main characters because the offer comic relief. Again, I’m a girl. The action is cool, the bad guys are cool but in the end I love a good laugh to tie it all together.

Dylan here, been awhile right? Ya miss me? I know ya did. The first Thor movie really surprised me, I thought they did a great job surrounding Hemsworth with a strong supporting cast. Chels mentions Dennings, but you also have Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, and an underrated role in Idris Elba as Heimdall. The aforementioned actor/actresses all make a return along with comedy ace Chris O’Dowd! But the most important element in the Thor movie, and a staple for the Avengers movies going forward is undoubtedly Tom Hiddleston as Loki. Loki might seem annoying to others but everything about him intrigues me. For one, he is the God of mischief (oh, behave) always creating mayhem in both Asgard, and Earth. But the piece that ties it all together is his brotherly rivalry with Thor, they each strive to be better than the other, they are complete oppposites, and the banter that go back and fourth between the two is always fun too! Also really looking forward to seeing more of Asgard, as raved upon by the critics!

Next on the line up we have…….

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (April 4, 2014)

Uhmmm well… Again, here I am clueless about this movie. Captain America was a little nerdy guy, very scrawny, turned super human by a super serum. His best friend Bucky, who thinks Cap let him die come back for revenge. I guess the only thing I can really wish to happen is that Cap can save Bucky as apposed to killing him. I mean, I can imagine that’s the hardest thing in the world to do. Also, Black Widow will be in Winter-Solider_810x443this movie. Maybe her and Cap will spark up a romance? Who knows? But really who cares?

Lol at Chels’s typical girl answer of killing a best friend. Lets get real, Cap is in present day, this is after the Avengers, he is working for SHIELD, and he still thinks Fury is shady. As for The Winter Soldier (Bucky) The whole “I don’t want to kill you, but I will if I have to” will more than likely happen. As will the whole romance with Black Widow, actually they’ll probably wring that for all its worth. What I want to see is that relationship with Fury pushed to the limit. In the video game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 SHIELD draws up a “Superhuman Registration Act” making the heroes sign themselves to SHIELD as weapons. This puts Ironman (weapon freak) and Cap (patriot of freedom) at odd, and forcing the other heroes to pick a side. While I think this may be a long way away, (Avengers 2 main villain will be Ultron) the thought of this being a feature film with all of our favorite heroes together gives me chills. And it all starts with Cap vs. Fury.

Next we get to talk about something I am actually really excited about.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (May 2, 2014)

I absolutely LOVE the cast of this film. I love the way they started the films off, where we learn a little more about Parkers parents (Which they completely failed to do in the Toby days). So what I want to see from this movie is an even deeper look into his sketchy past. I want to know for sure how they died, if his the_amazing_spider_man_2_teaser_posterfather actually messed with his sons genes and if there will be hints into maybe a Sinister Six movie. I have heard a lot about how Emma Stone voiced the desire to stay true to the comics, regarding Gwen Stacie’s death. If you aren’t aware of how it happens, she is supposed to be falling off a building or something and Peter shoots a web to save her but the whiplash from the catch snaps her neck, leaving the blood on his hands. I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT. So after that, they will bring in Mary Jane Watson to be Peters lover. There is also going to be another female supporting role. The Black Cat, who is Spidey’s love lover. Can I just say, I love when they have more than one bad guy in a movie. So far they have like three for sure appearing in this movie. So that means three times the stories to follow, three times the action and possibly even more than that. I just need to stop because if I don’t I will ramble forever. I am just TOO excited for this movie.

She would write a freaking book on my favorite superhero. So first and foremost Garfield kicks Maguires butt when it comes to portraying Peter Parker. Maguire did a good job of showing the nerdy side, but lacked in the witty sarcasm that is a staple for the webslinger. Garfield showed the best of both worlds in his first film as the webhead. This makes me (and apparently Marvel) wonder how far can we push this thing? In the first installment (Maguire) they intergrated the cliché Green Goblin, Doc Oc, and Venom. While some of the casting was dead on, the product they finished with left us wanting more. In The Amazing Spiderman, not only does it have the Lizard, but it showcases how the cops really don’t like that a vigilante is running around the streets of Manhattan making them look bad. Look for that to continue, and the beginning of what promises to be The Sinister Six. I won’t go all broken record on ya (if you look at previous posts you will see my obsession with the S6) but I’m looking forward to the storyline of Electro; how he gets his powers, what turns him on Spidey, and how awesome they make his powers with the beauty of CGI and computer animation (also Rhino in the same regard). I also look forward to how they are going to integrate the Green Goblin in this film, seeing as he is kinda the reason Gwen Stacy is falling to her certain death when Parker reaches for her…


We will be doing this in a series because like we said, there are SO many movies. Check back tomorrow for the next three!

See ya, BYE! :)


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