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Charmed Revitalizing

A story of the most powerful witches of all time, three sisters discover their powers after reconnecting from years of separation. The series Charmed started in 1998 and immediately captivated it’s audience. Many credit the show for paving a way for similar shows, including vampires, werewolves, etc. Granted others would blame Twilight… I would like to keep credit where credit is due. I personally have watched all eight seasons too many times to keep count. It has everything you need in it, for males and females. From action, romance, deception, anarchy, death, angels and demons.

So let’s talk about what is really going on here! News released on the 25th that CBS will be relaunching the show. I don’t know if that means starting over completely and recreating the iconic roles of Prue (the eldest sister who faces an untimely death), Piper (the middle sister), Phoebe (the youngest turned middle child) and lastly Paige (the half sister no one knew about). Or if they will pick up where they left off on the season finale. Following the adulthood of the sisters children.

 I definitely would want Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, and Rose McGowan to return and carry on their mother hood roles, along side of their trusty husbands. I also would love to see Kaley Cuoco return as Billie Jenkins, a young witch they take under their wing and practically adopt into the family. I guess that’s enough about that. If you haven’t watch the original series, I would do that because if this reboot really happens you’re going to bet they will make you want to watch it. You find all eight seasons on Netflix and be prepared to be addicted.

One last tid bit about the show, you will see all kinds of starts that have blown up in the industry today, have guest starred on the show. I can’t even list them all because it’s a tremendous amount!


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