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Our Top 3: Male and Female DC Villains

Now, the moment I have been waiting for! I get to rant on and on about how much I love the villains of Gotham!!! I mean DC…… Awh who am I kidding? They are all from Gotham!

So let’s get right into it!

#3 Bane and all of his muscles. After watching the way Bane was portrayed in the final Christopher untitledNolan film, I was in love. Every move he made was strategically planned out and he was constantly one step ahead of Batman. This shows how much smarter Bane is than his target. Looking at Bane you would think he’s a dumb brute with some one behind the scenes calling the shots and while Talia is constantly talking down to him as if that’s so. He proves over and over that it is untrue. He spent his years in prison researching and surpassing most scientists intellectual levels.


#2 The Gotham City Sirens, who consist of Cat Woman, Poison Ivy and my all time favorite female character Harley Quinn. Together the woman form743569-first_look_at_gothams_streets_and_sirens_20090317045957107_1_ an alliance to protect themselves from other villains and heroes Gotham. Along the way they screw each other over, time after time, but ultimately their friendship with stands and they are always there when they are most needed. Ivy originally brought the girls together after Harley had seemed to hit rock bottom when she realizes The Joker is actually dead. They stayed at Selena Kyle’s apartment and assisted one another in any category possible. While living together Poison Ivy exposes Harley to a chemical that makes her faster, stronger and immune to Ivy’s poison. Once she realizes The Joker is in prison and not actually dead, she attempts to redeem herself with him by breaking him out with her new powers. In the end The Joker turns on her and tries to kill her, Ivy and Cat Woman run to the rescue and forever on they are inseparable. Harley learned her lesson and stayed faithful to her girls.


#1 As predictable as this is, I have to pick The Joker as my number one. Because he has so Manwholaughsmany different origin stories I can’t pick a favorite. So I’m just going to go on and on about how diabolical, creepy, insane and utterly BRILLIANT he is. He’s a ruthless killing machine. I can’t even begin to explain how easy it is for him to just take people’s lives. He literally enjoys it, making his obviously psychopathic. There is no better way to describe the ultimate killing machine. No other villain in comic history is so confident and overly content with who they are. He commits his crimes in unmistakable ways. If he is going to kill you, he’s going to make sure people know he did it. He always leaves a trail behind but is never caught. Impossible as it may be, he is always getting away. Like I mentioned before there are so many different origins, so there are so many different abilities he may or may not have. All of them as interesting as they are, they make his the most unique and interesting villain to ever exist.





So, first day back and Chels takes Joker from me? Ouch, that’s low. Jokers dominance goes without saying, and while I can’t steal him back from Chels (cop out), I have to recognize the fact that he is the villain of alllllll villains. So there Steve. :p Not to mention, she also kind of stole the top 3 female villains in the DC Universe, leaving me with the likes of Talia ah Guhl, Cheetah, and freaking Bloody Mary. Like seriously?! She is playing dirty, so bare with me if you don’t particularly agree with my female pick because truthfully neither do I!

#3 May as well get it out of the way, has to dive deep to fine this one. We’re gonna go with Blackfire for #3. Blackfire is actually kind of interesting, for one she is the sister of Teen Titans member Starfire. Naturally she posses all of the same abilities as her teen_titans__blackfire_by_stepany1234-d4q6u2nsibling, (flight, star bolts, different color eyes, etc.) but the only difference is this girl isn’t afraid to use them. The black in her name Blackfire, must be point at her heart because unlike sweet, innocent, and naïve Starfire, this girl will rip your freaking throat out. Maybe that’s enough to warrant her a #3 spot.


#2 Finally I get to choose a male, I’m going with lex_06the man with the plan (literally always has a plan) Lex Luthor. Interesting thing about Luthor is he doesn’t really have a power per se (although he has developed Tony Stark like suits in the past), but he holds a tremendous amount of power on Earth. The founder and CEO of LexCorp, he soon finds himself at the seat of presidency. Thing is he don’t like Superman. Goes without saying I know, but he has a distinct hatred for interfering aliens (Such as the Man of Steel). While other villains just simply want to defeat their protagonist and would actually go mad if they were to die (Batman-Joker) Lex Luthor wants Supermans very existence on Earth to cease and is willing to do any means necessary to do so (think Krytponite) his hatred for said hero turns him into a sociopath, which makes him all the more interesting and puts him at #2.


#1 You know me, I live to stir up controversy. So my #1 is gonna be Slade Wilson. Deathstroke. Slade. Whatever you wanna call him the dude is a bad-A. I can speak more about Slade, the Teen Titans version, then the others. Slade was a man of 3056558-9745420483-28897mystery; he had a fascination with Robin, turned him and Terra against the Titans, hinted that he may or may not have some kind of relation Robin, and most interesting struck a deal with a devil to try and take down the devils daughter Raven. He is a master combat specialist, and of course espionage. He actually was killed but brought back to life by Ravens father in return for a promise to deliver her to him. He was never shown again in the show after he was defeated, and yet he never really died either. You know what that means? He is still at large. Dum dum dummmmmmmmm. Slade is #1.





Bang Bang! There you have it! Comment and let us know if you agree with our picks and let us know if you don’t as well.


See ya, BYE! :)


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