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Teen Titans Casting

Okay, I (Chelsea) am going to start this casting off with a disclaimer. Obviously if this movie ever happened, they couldn’t afford to cast all of these actors and actresses for every single part. With that being said we have conducted a dream team to fill the shoes of this teen ago super hero group.

Dylan and I have both picked who we think suits the part. So let’s start off with the main five Titans.

Robin: The acclaimed side kick of Batman and the leader of The Teen Titans. He’s taken his experience of standing along side of one of the greatest heroes and brought together his own team, showing off amazing leadership. The dark headed hero was one of the easiest for us to cast. Chelsea- I chose Logan Lerman because of his dark wispy hair and his performances in Percy Jackson, Perks of Being a Wallflower and many others he has proved he is capable of playing any role. Dylan- I chose Zac Efron because he has already lead a team to victory (High School Musical), he has the boyish looking profile, and has proven that he can take on any role (Charlie St Cloud, The Lucky One, New Years Eve, etc). Below you see Lerman on the left and Efron on the right.


Cyborg: Cyborg is a wise cracking…well cyborg. He is half robot, and half human but all beast. He is second in command of the Titans and also serves as the equipment and combat specialist. He is a fun-loving, sarcastic wise crack to his fellow titans, but when it comes to their foes, he turns his arm into a photon cannon and… it was over before it even started. While our choices aren’t close to the size of the picture you’ll see below, we are choosing these actors based on a more realistic depiction of the character; one that does not rely on CGI. Dylan- I picked Michael B. Jordan because he is a wise crack in nearly all of his movies, showing his ability to be that “wise guy” practical jokester role. He has co-starred in great action films such as Red Tails and most recently Chronicle, and his athletic physique, showcased in Friday Night Lights, makes him perfect. Chelsea- Tristan Wilds famous for his role on 90210, where he plays lacrosse and on the surf team. He’s quick off the draw and a perfect match, physically for the robotic hero. Below you see Jordan on the left and Wilds on the right.


Starfire: Starefire is an interesting character. For starters, she is an alien; this is a fun concept because she is easily fascinated and entertained by “Earth concepts”. She is a bit of a dits, has a thing for Robin, and can pack a punch by flying and shooting green plasma darts at her enemies. Dylan- I’m going with Ariana Grande (our first dip into the Nick/Disney pool). She already has the red hair, while it could use some length, and with her latino background has the perfect skin color. Mix in the fact she is use to, and totally kills it, playing a dits in Victorious and boom you have Starfire. Chelsea- I picked the original beauty, Dakota Fanning to play the alien that goes by Starfire. Dakota has starred in sooooo many movies and she’s so young. So the pressure of playing such an iconic role would be a breeze. If you doubt her ability, check her out in Push, where she plays a young girl with the ability to see the future. Below you see Grande on the left and Fanning on the right.

Starfire_from_Teen_Titans_by_FreefallandGigan2013 MTV Movie AwardsDakota-Fanning-2013-Met-Gala-in-NYC-9

Raven: Raven is a weird one to explain. She is a witch, kinda both ways. She practices magic, and uses it to her advantage in battles. She tends to get annoyed really easily and it isn’t rare for her to bite someones head off (not literally). She kind of keeps to herself, adding a certain mystery to her which makes this a hard decision. Dylan- That being said I’m going with Chloe Grace Moretz. My reasoning behind this is simple, Moretz can kick butt in.. well “Kick-A**” but what’s more is that she has taken the role of Carrie. Carrie can kind of go hand in hand with Raven, but Raven actually knows how to use her powers. Talk about scary right there. Chelsea- For the dark and mysterious Raven, I’ve decided to go with the quirky and always endearing Ellen Page. Pretty much every part she has ever had in any film, she has been an out cast. Which makes me think that Raven’s demeanor would be easy for her to capture. Plus, she’s sarcastic and brutally honest. Below you see Moretz on the left and Page on the right.


Beast Boy: Gotta love beast boy. Let me say first that Beast Boy kinda epitomizes childhood. For one, he is in fact an adolescent by definition, but what kid hasn’t wanted to turn into an animal? Well BB has the ability to turn into whatever one he wants. He is also a really fun guy, and always looking for new ways to have fun. Whether it be pissing Raven off, or pigging out with Cyborg, BB was my childhood hero. Dylan- I chose Jake T. Austin because he holds every quality I just explained. In his roles in Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board and Wizards of Waverly Place he plays a kid who just wants to eat and have fun! Bonus, I think he scary resembles Beast Boy. Chelsea- Before I tell you who I am picking for Beast Boy, I must express my distaste for Dylan’s choice. Jake T. Austin is in no way qualified for this role and I think his acting abilities will never be any better than what we have seen on Disney. Rant over. Thank you. Now I have chosen Freddie Highmore for the fun loving Beast Boy. Granted he has out grown all those sill characters he used to play, like The Spider Which Chronicles… and has moved onto really great things like The Bates Motel. I think he could make the character a lot of fun and very entertaining with his awkwardness. Below you see Austin on the left and Highmore on the right.


Aqualad: Now is when we start getting out of the main 5. Aqualad is basically just like your boy Aquaman just younger. He can communicate with underwater life, and also swim incredibly fast. So, lets see here… Dylan- Is there a more perfect match in this post than Taylor Lautner I’d be hard pressed to find one. For one, they have the same skin tone. Two they both have that boyish charm. And the coup de tat, Lautner starred as Sharkboy in Sharkboy vs. Lavagirl. Need I say more? Chelsea- I am personally very disinterested in Aqualad as a character, I think he is about as relevant as a fish itself. But I also agree Taylor Lautner looks almost perfect for the part. So we have the same idea here.


Speedy: No, despite what his name implies he has nothing to do with speed. Speedy is actually another variation of the Green Arrow. The only real difference is Speedy has more leadership qualities, and doesn’t rely on only his bow and arrow for his weapon of choice. I’m going with a name you probably won’t recognize, but you’ll remember once I mention what he was in. Dylan- Daryl Sabara *insert obligatory “WHO?!?!?!?!” here* you may remember him as Juni Cortez from Spy Kids. He always displayed talent even at a young age, and the 3rd movie was basically centered around him, giving him a chance to display his leadership. Which is why he gets to portray to timid Speedy. Chelsea- my casting for Speedy is someone who played another hero in another movie. X-men First Class’ Banshee, played by Caleb Landry Jones. He’s got the red hair and the super hero experience. Below you see Sabara on the left and Jones on the right.


Mas Y Menos: *sigh* I just smile getting to say those words. Mas Y Menos are very interesting. For one the Spanish phrase “mas y menos” translates to “more or less” and this tandem is definitely more, but they have to be touching! These guys are always smiling and happy and just trying to have fun ( even though most no one can understand them) and they have the power of super speed but as I said earlier; they have to be touching. Dylan- I’m going with Dylan and Cole Sprouse because for one, I can’t come up with many twins (Haha good luck with that Chelsea!) but these guys are always having fun in their Suite Life series, make em learn Spanish and they’ll fit right in. Chelsea- well Dylan, you did take the obvious choice because there aren’t very many twin actors in the industry… BUT I do have a little something up my sleeve. You may recognize there two guys from Cheaper By The Dozen or you may recognize them from Desperate House Wives. Either way they are the only other twin boy set out there so the Kinsman twins are my pick. Below you see the Sprouse twins on the top and the younger and older Kinsman twins on the bottom.


Cheaper By The Dozen Movie Premiere - Arrivals8_5guxl

Jericho; Jericho is another odd one. First of all how he dresses… ummm.. Second he is mute, meaning he don’t got nothing to say. Third, and most interesting, he can possess any living thing that makes eye contact with him, Crazy right?! Dylan- Know who else is crazy? Michael Cera is. Topped off with curly blond hair like Jericho, the thought of Cera not being able to talk cracks me the frick up. Chelsea- I don’t really like my own pick for this character, but he is the only person I could think of that suits the physical appearance. It’s crazy to imagine Austin Butler playing this role because I think it could be transformed into something really amazing. his powers are beyond belief and I would love to see Butler test his limits with the role though. If you aren’t familiar with his name, maybe Zoey 101 will ring a bell? Below you see Bleaker… I mean Cera on the left and Butler on the right.


Terra: Now we are getting into the villains. While Terra wasn’t necessarily a villain, she wasn’t necessarily a Titan either. She likes to play. Play the field of good and evil. And play with poor Beast Boys heart to gain advantage for Slade ( more on that later). She has the ability to control rocks, including riding on the rocks and hurling them at her enemies. Which kind of reminds me of the Earth Benders from Avatar. She is kinda sarcastic, and fun to hang around at first which helps with her and Beast Boys chemistry. Dylan- When I think of a young blond girl who is funny, sarcastic, and knows how to have a good time one actress ticks out in my mind; Nick’s Jeanette McCurdy. She is always making up some brilliant insult in her shows iCarly and Sam and Cat. Also always looking for more ways to have fun, er- get into trouble. You don’t want to piss her off cause she’ll go nuts on you, kinda like Terra. Chelsea- For the female antagonist of the story, I casted Amanda Seyfried who blew me away in the new depiction of Red Riding Hood. I personally thought the movie was going to be corny, but the whole thing was amazing all because of her. She has the capability of being such a great actress and I would love to see her play a bad guy. Below you see McCurdy on the left and Seyfried on the right.

teen_titans_terra_by_savannahdash-d5x2jhaNickelodeon's 25th Annual Kids' Choice Awards - Arrivals2013 National Board Of Review Awards - Inside Arrivals

Jinx: Next we got Jinx who lives up to the expectation of her name. Her main power is to bring people bad luck, but can also hit you with pink laser ribbons. She is always flirting with Robin with leads to a little rivalry with Starfire. She eventually sees the light and joins the Titans on their quest to save everyone, after her long stint with the H.I.V.E. (more on that as well later). Dylan- For jinx I pick fun-loving Anna Sophia Robb because she is always smiling! Jinx likes bringing bad luck, it makes her happy so she is always smiling. Robb has done great jobs in her movies form Bridge to Tarabithea and suspenseful Soul Surfer. She would be perfect for the role. Chelsea- Jinx is such a great character and after see the eldest Fanning playing so many versatile roles, I think I could totally see her younger sister pulling off Jinx. Elle Fanning has my vote for this mischievous character. Below you see Robb on the left and Fanning on the right.


Brother Blood: This guy is messed up. He started this thing called the H.I.V.E. which is basically a school for teenagers to teach them how to be bad, and how to defeat the Titans. While it resembles a cult, he is kind of the pastor If you will. Eventually he catches some bad luck and loses half of his body, causing him to go all Cyborg on us and turn half his body into a robot. Dylan- I went with Donald Sutherland on this one because he has demonstrated his ability to play a controlling head honcho as President Snow in The Hunger Games, and has the look of said Blood with his white hair and facial hair. Chelsea- Well everyone is going to find this strange but I’m picking George Clooney for Brother Blood. I don’t know why but I think they physically resemble one another far too much. It’s a perfect match for me. Below you see Sutherland on the left and Clooney on the right.


Slade- That’s right, the big one. The guy who is a genius, master martial artist, brilliant strategist, and apparent magical connections. He is the main antagonist to the Titans and is currently the only villain still at large. He is sadistic and maniacal pitting Terra, and at one point even Robin against the Titans. Dylan- I got the baddest of all bad A’s to play the most mysterious, and still at large villain of the Titans; Jason Freaking Statham. Ok, so his idle name isn’t freaking but it might as well be! This guy had all the moves, and just carrys that “i’m a boss, and I don’t care” persona wherever he goes. Couple that with his recent blockbuster roles for being said bad A, and you got the best…..Bad-A. Chelsea- Finally we have come to the end. For Slade I have also casted some one that most people would never think of. But here is the thing, most men haven’t appreciated James Franco for the amazing actor he his because they don’t understand his mind. He’s so dedicated to any role, like Johnny Depp he stays in character for the duration of the filming to guarantee he is on top of his game every shot. So for him to play a villain would be magical. Not that his Green Goblin performance was less than that, it was just an early performance for him. He has come a long way. Below you see Statham on the left and Franco on the right.


Well after this long drooling process has come to an end, I (Chelsea) can barley come up with the words to create an ending. I hope we didn’t leave out any of your favorite characters, but if we did… forgive us! It was very difficult to narrow it down to the ones we ended up choosing! Let us know what you think!

See ya, BYE! :)


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