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Our Top 3: Marvel Villains

Chelsea here, kicking off our top three Marvel Villains/Villainess!

#3 The Green Goblin, Mr. Norman Osborn is most commonly associated with the web slinging hero Spiderman. Osborn’s son, Harry, is as we know Peter Parkers best friend. GreenGoblinDafoeThis is a complicated story line but to simplify it… Norman injects himself with a serum he created and makes himself The Green Goblin. Spiderman accidently kills Norman and Harry seeks revenge on the vigilante. Unaware the Parker is the masked hero, he goes after his best friend with hopes to avenge his fathers death. I love the father, son story. It’s endearing and wacky all at the same time.

#2 is going to Magneto. I just have an obsession for the X-Men. All of them intrigue me, good and bad. Magneto who was a victim of the Holocaust, witnessing is own mother being 406px-Magneto_430murdered. Talk about some baggage to hold on to. No wonder he is so vengeful of non mutants. Let’s talk about his powers though, since I didn’t do that with The Green Goblin. HE CONTROLS ALL THINGS METAL. There are so many things in this world he has the advantage on. There was a scene in X-Men First class where Magneto rips out a mans golden tooth. Like, talk about a terribly torturous technique. And a tongue twister… unintended.

#1 has to be an mutant as well, so who is she? Ahhhh… It’s a SHE! Mystique and all of her many different forms. While her normal blue self is beautiful in her own way, I could never kjhkjhget sick of stealing some one else’s face. It’s like dressing up for Halloween all the time! But let’s talk about the true advantages of her mutants self. She can literally take any place, of any person, in the entire world. Her voice also changes to whomever she has transformed into, making it virtually impossible to tell if she is in fact the actual person. In all of the movies you see her embody several different people, and important ones at that, and get away with it. On top of all that, she can kiss some butt. I would not want to go up against her in hand to hand combat.





My turn now! Magneto at #2? Tisk, tisk.

#3 Ultron. I’m going with Ultron because he is one of the more fascinating villains in the Marvel universe. Created by scientist Hank Pym in an ill attempt to recreate originalartificial intelligence, Ultron sprung to life in a ruthless way by lashing out and attacking the one that gave him life. There are many reasons as to why he makes the top 3; he has no regard for human life, he has no compassionate side, and the most frustrating part to Ultron is he cannot be put out of his misery. Even if the Avengers defeat him he has the ability of finding refuge in surrounding computers and other technology. When he resurfaces he is always that much tougher to defeat, as he is constantly “upgrading” himself. The star villain of the approaching Avengers blockbuster locks down the trifecta.

#2 The Sinister Six. Yes, I understand that each of these villains Spiderman has handled individually with ease. It is the fact that they come together with only one goal in mind; defeat Spiderman. Their strength is in numbers and they each bring something new to the table. Vulture has his high-flying antics and wisdom. Lizard has super human strength and agility, did I mention that he was a genius? Electro has the power to wield, and manipulate all things electric. Rhino is just a wrecking ball that cannot be stopped. Mysterio has the whole escape and trickery thing down. Kraven the Hunter is a brilliant strategist and also has a distinct savagery about his motives. Couple all of that together and you have one balanced stable that is to be reckoned with,untitled


#1 Last but not least, the father of all things evil; Doctor Doom. Doom is a special villain because, like Xavier and Magneto, he used to be friends with his protagonist Reed Richards. His entire body is armored by an indestructible metal so he isn’t3083489-comic+scan+376

exactly vulnerable and can definitely pack a punch. His lust for power is what drives Doom, constantly striving for world domination. If all of this isn’t enough to have support of the Fantastic 4’s worse enemy, then let me throw one more fact at you. Victor Von Doom is the inspiration for arguably the greatest cinematic villain of all time; Darth Vader. Boom.






So, there it is. Let us know what you think and give us some ideas for our next posts!

See ya, BYE! :)


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