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Sinister Six Casting

Dylan, has a slight obsession with the concept of The Sinister Six. So to entertain this thought we are going to share who we think should play each villain.

Rather than following the comic book depictions of the Sinister Six, we are going to contribute three new characters to the existing villains in the current Amazing Spiderman films.

The Lizard:

Who was played by Rhys Ifans in The Amazing Spiderman with Andrew Garfield, would return if the character joined the rhys-ifans-on-the-amazing-spider-man-s-the-lizard-106329-470-75sinister six. It wouldn’t make any sense to recast the character and honestly it would just confuse people. But you are wondering, why would The Lizard come back at all? Well, Curt Connors is the only person who knows Peter Parkers true identity in this movies world and that could be something pivotal to the plot. Also Connors has insight into the untimely death of Parkers parents. I think that gives him plenty of reason to come back and kill off the vigilante but he knows he can’t do it alone, therefor assembling the Sinister Six. spiderman-lizard-from-movieRecruiting Electro and Rhino along the way is a given because they are appearing in the next Amazing Spiderman. We can assume there will be unfinished business with those two as well. So let’s delve into Electro…

Electro: spider-man-2-electro

We don’t know much about the plot of the new spidey movie coming out, other than tasm-2-spider-man-jamie-foxxElectro will be played by Jamie Foxx and Rhino by Paul Giamatti. We don’t know how Electro will be transformed into his villainess form, let alone any motive he would have towards targeting Spiderman. So we are just going to leave that at that. While there was some fuss about how they would make Electro’s costume not incredibly tacky, once these photos were leaked there was nothing but positive feed back. We are personally thrilled to see Foxx’s performance and think the whole movie is going to be mind blowing. You can see these two photos where Foxx is being depicted as an elder man, who’s lacking self confidence. There is a true transformation once his powers are received. He now has this “I hate the world!” look going for him and it’s terrifyingly perfect for the character.


The same goes for Giamatti, who is portraying a really bad A looking Rhino. We don’t know much about this movie at all. Sony has done a really great job of keeping it really professional and secret. Amazing+Spider-Man+Rhino+ChargingSome might find that annoying but I think it is truly bringing tons of anticipations. As far as The Rhino and Electro go, we would hope they will return with The Sinister Six, creating one of the most complex plots of comic movie history.




Kraven The Hunter:Kraven-the-Hunter

Gerard Butler is our pick for the Russian hunter, with particular taste for our hero Spiderman. While Butler fits the tall, dark and handsome persona of The Hunter, he rounds it all off with his ability to grow a barbaric type beard and his dark mane. We hope to see Kraven as a villain in The Six simply because of his ruthlessness and his specific desire to catch our web slinger as his ultimate game.






In NBC’s television drama, Heroes,  Zachary Quinto exhibits elusive and eery qualities as the series antagonist. We most commonly associate Quinto with his more popular role of Spack in Star Trek, where he is also slightly odd MV5BMTQ3MjEzOTU4MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjMwMTY0Mg@@__V1__SX640_SY828_and a little comical. Mysterio is a tortured man, who decides to take havoc on the city for no reason. His knowledge of special effects is what makes it possible for him to create these elaborate high-jacks, where he ultimately blames them on other people. Thus making him so mysterious. So with Quinto’s abilty to already portray a mysterious character we see him fit to fill the 5Mysteriofish bowl.










John Malkovich was originally casted as The Vulture in the fourth installment of Tobey McQuire’s Spiderman series. But after the third spider-man-4-vultureimagesCAR4TV9Vmovie was a complete disaster, the fourth failed to exist. So we feel it’s only fitting that if The Vulture is to return, Malkovich should get his chance to show us his depiction of the decrepit man, seeking youth again. We have already John play the role of a villain in a movie, ex. The Knock Around Guys, so we know he has the potential. But ultimately we just want to see Malkovich hooked up to harness’s floating across The Big Apple.


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