What Do We Want From Marvel? pt. 1

Marvel has made it clear that they have movies in development to keep us entertained until 2021, as of right now. (click that link for a more in-depth explanation of their grand scheme and so I don’t have to site a bunch of sources by paraphrasing it! :D) At the pace they are going I think they are bound to keep them coming even after that though. But, what we are going to report to you today is, basically what we want to see out of the movies to come. We have a rough idea of what movies are for sure in the works and which ones will probably be tossed. We just want to shed some light onto which plots, characters, sequels, etc. we want to see happen.

To kick off the list, we are going to speculate about the next Marvel film to hit theatres.

Thor: The Dark World (November 8, 2013)

Even though this plot is already set in stone, we just want to talk a little about what we hope it entails. I (Chelsea) haven’t heard much of thor%20the%20dark%20world%20posteranything about the movie, I didn’t even really like the first one that much so I can’t generate any excitement right now. The only thing I am really hoping to see from the movie is Thor’s ignorance to Earth lingo and the naïve and HILARIOUS things he says. “I’ll have another!” You can not tell me you didn’t die laughing at that point in the movie! I also love Kat Dennings so she’s a plus to the film. I almost end up loving the supporting characters more than I like the main characters because the offer comic relief. Again, I’m a girl. The action is cool, the bad guys are cool but in the end I love a good laugh to tie it all together.

Dylan here, been awhile right? Ya miss me? I know ya did. The first Thor movie really surprised me, I thought they did a great job surrounding Hemsworth with a strong supporting cast. Chels mentions Dennings, but you also have Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, and an underrated role in Idris Elba as Heimdall. The aforementioned actor/actresses all make a return along with comedy ace Chris O’Dowd! But the most important element in the Thor movie, and a staple for the Avengers movies going forward is undoubtedly Tom Hiddleston as Loki. Loki might seem annoying to others but everything about him intrigues me. For one, he is the God of mischief (oh, behave) always creating mayhem in both Asgard, and Earth. But the piece that ties it all together is his brotherly rivalry with Thor, they each strive to be better than the other, they are complete oppposites, and the banter that go back and fourth between the two is always fun too! Also really looking forward to seeing more of Asgard, as raved upon by the critics!

Next on the line up we have…….

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (April 4, 2014)

Uhmmm well… Again, here I am clueless about this movie. Captain America was a little nerdy guy, very scrawny, turned super human by a super serum. His best friend Bucky, who thinks Cap let him die come back for revenge. I guess the only thing I can really wish to happen is that Cap can save Bucky as apposed to killing him. I mean, I can imagine that’s the hardest thing in the world to do. Also, Black Widow will be in Winter-Solider_810x443this movie. Maybe her and Cap will spark up a romance? Who knows? But really who cares?

Lol at Chels’s typical girl answer of killing a best friend. Lets get real, Cap is in present day, this is after the Avengers, he is working for SHIELD, and he still thinks Fury is shady. As for The Winter Soldier (Bucky) The whole “I don’t want to kill you, but I will if I have to” will more than likely happen. As will the whole romance with Black Widow, actually they’ll probably wring that for all its worth. What I want to see is that relationship with Fury pushed to the limit. In the video game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 SHIELD draws up a “Superhuman Registration Act” making the heroes sign themselves to SHIELD as weapons. This puts Ironman (weapon freak) and Cap (patriot of freedom) at odd, and forcing the other heroes to pick a side. While I think this may be a long way away, (Avengers 2 main villain will be Ultron) the thought of this being a feature film with all of our favorite heroes together gives me chills. And it all starts with Cap vs. Fury.

Next we get to talk about something I am actually really excited about.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (May 2, 2014)

I absolutely LOVE the cast of this film. I love the way they started the films off, where we learn a little more about Parkers parents (Which they completely failed to do in the Toby days). So what I want to see from this movie is an even deeper look into his sketchy past. I want to know for sure how they died, if his the_amazing_spider_man_2_teaser_posterfather actually messed with his sons genes and if there will be hints into maybe a Sinister Six movie. I have heard a lot about how Emma Stone voiced the desire to stay true to the comics, regarding Gwen Stacie’s death. If you aren’t aware of how it happens, she is supposed to be falling off a building or something and Peter shoots a web to save her but the whiplash from the catch snaps her neck, leaving the blood on his hands. I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT. So after that, they will bring in Mary Jane Watson to be Peters lover. There is also going to be another female supporting role. The Black Cat, who is Spidey’s love lover. Can I just say, I love when they have more than one bad guy in a movie. So far they have like three for sure appearing in this movie. So that means three times the stories to follow, three times the action and possibly even more than that. I just need to stop because if I don’t I will ramble forever. I am just TOO excited for this movie.

She would write a freaking book on my favorite superhero. So first and foremost Garfield kicks Maguires butt when it comes to portraying Peter Parker. Maguire did a good job of showing the nerdy side, but lacked in the witty sarcasm that is a staple for the webslinger. Garfield showed the best of both worlds in his first film as the webhead. This makes me (and apparently Marvel) wonder how far can we push this thing? In the first installment (Maguire) they intergrated the cliché Green Goblin, Doc Oc, and Venom. While some of the casting was dead on, the product they finished with left us wanting more. In The Amazing Spiderman, not only does it have the Lizard, but it showcases how the cops really don’t like that a vigilante is running around the streets of Manhattan making them look bad. Look for that to continue, and the beginning of what promises to be The Sinister Six. I won’t go all broken record on ya (if you look at previous posts you will see my obsession with the S6) but I’m looking forward to the storyline of Electro; how he gets his powers, what turns him on Spidey, and how awesome they make his powers with the beauty of CGI and computer animation (also Rhino in the same regard). I also look forward to how they are going to integrate the Green Goblin in this film, seeing as he is kinda the reason Gwen Stacy is falling to her certain death when Parker reaches for her…


We will be doing this in a series because like we said, there are SO many movies. Check back tomorrow for the next three!

See ya, BYE! :)


Charmed Revitalizing

A story of the most powerful witches of all time, three sisters discover their powers after reconnecting from years of separation. The series Charmed started in 1998 and immediately captivated it’s audience. Many credit the show for paving a way for similar shows, including vampires, werewolves, etc. Granted others would blame Twilight… I would like to keep credit where credit is due. I personally have watched all eight seasons too many times to keep count. It has everything you need in it, for males and females. From action, romance, deception, anarchy, death, angels and demons.

So let’s talk about what is really going on here! News released on the 25th that CBS will be relaunching the show. I don’t know if that means starting over completely and recreating the iconic roles of Prue (the eldest sister who faces an untimely death), Piper (the middle sister), Phoebe (the youngest turned middle child) and lastly Paige (the half sister no one knew about). Or if they will pick up where they left off on the season finale. Following the adulthood of the sisters children.

 I definitely would want Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, and Rose McGowan to return and carry on their mother hood roles, along side of their trusty husbands. I also would love to see Kaley Cuoco return as Billie Jenkins, a young witch they take under their wing and practically adopt into the family. I guess that’s enough about that. If you haven’t watch the original series, I would do that because if this reboot really happens you’re going to bet they will make you want to watch it. You find all eight seasons on Netflix and be prepared to be addicted.

One last tid bit about the show, you will see all kinds of starts that have blown up in the industry today, have guest starred on the show. I can’t even list them all because it’s a tremendous amount!


See ya, BYE! :)


Our Top 3: Male and Female DC Villains

Now, the moment I have been waiting for! I get to rant on and on about how much I love the villains of Gotham!!! I mean DC…… Awh who am I kidding? They are all from Gotham!

So let’s get right into it!

#3 Bane and all of his muscles. After watching the way Bane was portrayed in the final Christopher untitledNolan film, I was in love. Every move he made was strategically planned out and he was constantly one step ahead of Batman. This shows how much smarter Bane is than his target. Looking at Bane you would think he’s a dumb brute with some one behind the scenes calling the shots and while Talia is constantly talking down to him as if that’s so. He proves over and over that it is untrue. He spent his years in prison researching and surpassing most scientists intellectual levels.


#2 The Gotham City Sirens, who consist of Cat Woman, Poison Ivy and my all time favorite female character Harley Quinn. Together the woman form743569-first_look_at_gothams_streets_and_sirens_20090317045957107_1_ an alliance to protect themselves from other villains and heroes Gotham. Along the way they screw each other over, time after time, but ultimately their friendship with stands and they are always there when they are most needed. Ivy originally brought the girls together after Harley had seemed to hit rock bottom when she realizes The Joker is actually dead. They stayed at Selena Kyle’s apartment and assisted one another in any category possible. While living together Poison Ivy exposes Harley to a chemical that makes her faster, stronger and immune to Ivy’s poison. Once she realizes The Joker is in prison and not actually dead, she attempts to redeem herself with him by breaking him out with her new powers. In the end The Joker turns on her and tries to kill her, Ivy and Cat Woman run to the rescue and forever on they are inseparable. Harley learned her lesson and stayed faithful to her girls.


#1 As predictable as this is, I have to pick The Joker as my number one. Because he has so Manwholaughsmany different origin stories I can’t pick a favorite. So I’m just going to go on and on about how diabolical, creepy, insane and utterly BRILLIANT he is. He’s a ruthless killing machine. I can’t even begin to explain how easy it is for him to just take people’s lives. He literally enjoys it, making his obviously psychopathic. There is no better way to describe the ultimate killing machine. No other villain in comic history is so confident and overly content with who they are. He commits his crimes in unmistakable ways. If he is going to kill you, he’s going to make sure people know he did it. He always leaves a trail behind but is never caught. Impossible as it may be, he is always getting away. Like I mentioned before there are so many different origins, so there are so many different abilities he may or may not have. All of them as interesting as they are, they make his the most unique and interesting villain to ever exist.





So, first day back and Chels takes Joker from me? Ouch, that’s low. Jokers dominance goes without saying, and while I can’t steal him back from Chels (cop out), I have to recognize the fact that he is the villain of alllllll villains. So there Steve. :p Not to mention, she also kind of stole the top 3 female villains in the DC Universe, leaving me with the likes of Talia ah Guhl, Cheetah, and freaking Bloody Mary. Like seriously?! She is playing dirty, so bare with me if you don’t particularly agree with my female pick because truthfully neither do I!

#3 May as well get it out of the way, has to dive deep to fine this one. We’re gonna go with Blackfire for #3. Blackfire is actually kind of interesting, for one she is the sister of Teen Titans member Starfire. Naturally she posses all of the same abilities as her teen_titans__blackfire_by_stepany1234-d4q6u2nsibling, (flight, star bolts, different color eyes, etc.) but the only difference is this girl isn’t afraid to use them. The black in her name Blackfire, must be point at her heart because unlike sweet, innocent, and naïve Starfire, this girl will rip your freaking throat out. Maybe that’s enough to warrant her a #3 spot.


#2 Finally I get to choose a male, I’m going with lex_06the man with the plan (literally always has a plan) Lex Luthor. Interesting thing about Luthor is he doesn’t really have a power per se (although he has developed Tony Stark like suits in the past), but he holds a tremendous amount of power on Earth. The founder and CEO of LexCorp, he soon finds himself at the seat of presidency. Thing is he don’t like Superman. Goes without saying I know, but he has a distinct hatred for interfering aliens (Such as the Man of Steel). While other villains just simply want to defeat their protagonist and would actually go mad if they were to die (Batman-Joker) Lex Luthor wants Supermans very existence on Earth to cease and is willing to do any means necessary to do so (think Krytponite) his hatred for said hero turns him into a sociopath, which makes him all the more interesting and puts him at #2.


#1 You know me, I live to stir up controversy. So my #1 is gonna be Slade Wilson. Deathstroke. Slade. Whatever you wanna call him the dude is a bad-A. I can speak more about Slade, the Teen Titans version, then the others. Slade was a man of 3056558-9745420483-28897mystery; he had a fascination with Robin, turned him and Terra against the Titans, hinted that he may or may not have some kind of relation Robin, and most interesting struck a deal with a devil to try and take down the devils daughter Raven. He is a master combat specialist, and of course espionage. He actually was killed but brought back to life by Ravens father in return for a promise to deliver her to him. He was never shown again in the show after he was defeated, and yet he never really died either. You know what that means? He is still at large. Dum dum dummmmmmmmm. Slade is #1.





Bang Bang! There you have it! Comment and let us know if you agree with our picks and let us know if you don’t as well.


See ya, BYE! :)

Our Top 3: Female DC Characters

Chelsea here and I just want to say we are SO sorry for not posting yesterday. We had a long busy day and it totally slipped our minds! But we are going to redeem ourselves today.

Since I have proclaimed my love and appreciation for female comic characters, I am excited about this post. Plus Dylan isn’t going to be putting in his opinion on this topic because he is a sexist pig. No, not really. He just couldn’t come up with three picks so we are just leaving him out.

#3 is Batgirl, which you probably could have guessed because of my apparent Batgirlobsession with Gotham City and everything around it. I have no reason, she doesn’t have outstanding powers. Honestly I just like the idea of a female fighting along side of a male in harmony. It showed a lot of advancement for the females in the time of day it was written. Feminist may not have liked it but I think the story line just works well.


#2 After doing our Fan Cast for the Teen Titans, I was really intrigues with Starfire. She’s taking my top two pick for so many reasons. She’s a freaking alien! Not an ugly creepy one, like The Martian Man Hunter, she’s an attractive alien. She has the whole Superman type story because she doesn’t fit in starfire_by_malla13-d4lug0vwith humans but she overcomes it and turns into a hero. Starfire’s relationship with Dick Grayson is also something that caught my eye, because I love Robin. Just the fact that she’s a Teen Titan makes her so adorable for so kick a** at the same time! She converts ultraviolet light and converts in into energy, where she can use the energy to fly. She can also create ‘Starbolts’ with the energy she generates from the sun. So basically she has infinite amounts of power, as long as the sun doesn’t die.


#1 Can I get a testament that Wonder Woman is the greatest and most powerful female DC character?! If you know me at all, wonder_woman_by_penichet-d4g0o7lyou know of my love for The Amazonian Princess. Because of Greek Mythological ancestry I immediately grew partial to her. The daughter of Zeus and the blessing of each god and goddess bestowed upon her. She was destined for greatness from the moment she was born. Diana has so many powers I can’t even remember them all. Super strength, agility, super speed up to 60 MPH or more, ESP, astral projection, telepathy (with or without the Mental Radio), and mental control over the electricity in her body. Those are just a few, of course these all varied depending on the comic and the time period. She also has the lasso of truth which is BRILLIANT. How many other super heroes can make their villains tell the truth?? I won’t rant any longer because you’re probably bored already.





But there you have it. My top three DC Heroin’s. I really want to know who your favorites are, so don’t be shy to comment and let me know what’s on your mind! Thanks so much for reading!

See ya, BYE! :)

Teen Titans Casting

Okay, I (Chelsea) am going to start this casting off with a disclaimer. Obviously if this movie ever happened, they couldn’t afford to cast all of these actors and actresses for every single part. With that being said we have conducted a dream team to fill the shoes of this teen ago super hero group.

Dylan and I have both picked who we think suits the part. So let’s start off with the main five Titans.

Robin: The acclaimed side kick of Batman and the leader of The Teen Titans. He’s taken his experience of standing along side of one of the greatest heroes and brought together his own team, showing off amazing leadership. The dark headed hero was one of the easiest for us to cast. Chelsea- I chose Logan Lerman because of his dark wispy hair and his performances in Percy Jackson, Perks of Being a Wallflower and many others he has proved he is capable of playing any role. Dylan- I chose Zac Efron because he has already lead a team to victory (High School Musical), he has the boyish looking profile, and has proven that he can take on any role (Charlie St Cloud, The Lucky One, New Years Eve, etc). Below you see Lerman on the left and Efron on the right.


Cyborg: Cyborg is a wise cracking…well cyborg. He is half robot, and half human but all beast. He is second in command of the Titans and also serves as the equipment and combat specialist. He is a fun-loving, sarcastic wise crack to his fellow titans, but when it comes to their foes, he turns his arm into a photon cannon and… it was over before it even started. While our choices aren’t close to the size of the picture you’ll see below, we are choosing these actors based on a more realistic depiction of the character; one that does not rely on CGI. Dylan- I picked Michael B. Jordan because he is a wise crack in nearly all of his movies, showing his ability to be that “wise guy” practical jokester role. He has co-starred in great action films such as Red Tails and most recently Chronicle, and his athletic physique, showcased in Friday Night Lights, makes him perfect. Chelsea- Tristan Wilds famous for his role on 90210, where he plays lacrosse and on the surf team. He’s quick off the draw and a perfect match, physically for the robotic hero. Below you see Jordan on the left and Wilds on the right.


Starfire: Starefire is an interesting character. For starters, she is an alien; this is a fun concept because she is easily fascinated and entertained by “Earth concepts”. She is a bit of a dits, has a thing for Robin, and can pack a punch by flying and shooting green plasma darts at her enemies. Dylan- I’m going with Ariana Grande (our first dip into the Nick/Disney pool). She already has the red hair, while it could use some length, and with her latino background has the perfect skin color. Mix in the fact she is use to, and totally kills it, playing a dits in Victorious and boom you have Starfire. Chelsea- I picked the original beauty, Dakota Fanning to play the alien that goes by Starfire. Dakota has starred in sooooo many movies and she’s so young. So the pressure of playing such an iconic role would be a breeze. If you doubt her ability, check her out in Push, where she plays a young girl with the ability to see the future. Below you see Grande on the left and Fanning on the right.

Starfire_from_Teen_Titans_by_FreefallandGigan2013 MTV Movie AwardsDakota-Fanning-2013-Met-Gala-in-NYC-9

Raven: Raven is a weird one to explain. She is a witch, kinda both ways. She practices magic, and uses it to her advantage in battles. She tends to get annoyed really easily and it isn’t rare for her to bite someones head off (not literally). She kind of keeps to herself, adding a certain mystery to her which makes this a hard decision. Dylan- That being said I’m going with Chloe Grace Moretz. My reasoning behind this is simple, Moretz can kick butt in.. well “Kick-A**” but what’s more is that she has taken the role of Carrie. Carrie can kind of go hand in hand with Raven, but Raven actually knows how to use her powers. Talk about scary right there. Chelsea- For the dark and mysterious Raven, I’ve decided to go with the quirky and always endearing Ellen Page. Pretty much every part she has ever had in any film, she has been an out cast. Which makes me think that Raven’s demeanor would be easy for her to capture. Plus, she’s sarcastic and brutally honest. Below you see Moretz on the left and Page on the right.


Beast Boy: Gotta love beast boy. Let me say first that Beast Boy kinda epitomizes childhood. For one, he is in fact an adolescent by definition, but what kid hasn’t wanted to turn into an animal? Well BB has the ability to turn into whatever one he wants. He is also a really fun guy, and always looking for new ways to have fun. Whether it be pissing Raven off, or pigging out with Cyborg, BB was my childhood hero. Dylan- I chose Jake T. Austin because he holds every quality I just explained. In his roles in Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board and Wizards of Waverly Place he plays a kid who just wants to eat and have fun! Bonus, I think he scary resembles Beast Boy. Chelsea- Before I tell you who I am picking for Beast Boy, I must express my distaste for Dylan’s choice. Jake T. Austin is in no way qualified for this role and I think his acting abilities will never be any better than what we have seen on Disney. Rant over. Thank you. Now I have chosen Freddie Highmore for the fun loving Beast Boy. Granted he has out grown all those sill characters he used to play, like The Spider Which Chronicles… and has moved onto really great things like The Bates Motel. I think he could make the character a lot of fun and very entertaining with his awkwardness. Below you see Austin on the left and Highmore on the right.


Aqualad: Now is when we start getting out of the main 5. Aqualad is basically just like your boy Aquaman just younger. He can communicate with underwater life, and also swim incredibly fast. So, lets see here… Dylan- Is there a more perfect match in this post than Taylor Lautner I’d be hard pressed to find one. For one, they have the same skin tone. Two they both have that boyish charm. And the coup de tat, Lautner starred as Sharkboy in Sharkboy vs. Lavagirl. Need I say more? Chelsea- I am personally very disinterested in Aqualad as a character, I think he is about as relevant as a fish itself. But I also agree Taylor Lautner looks almost perfect for the part. So we have the same idea here.


Speedy: No, despite what his name implies he has nothing to do with speed. Speedy is actually another variation of the Green Arrow. The only real difference is Speedy has more leadership qualities, and doesn’t rely on only his bow and arrow for his weapon of choice. I’m going with a name you probably won’t recognize, but you’ll remember once I mention what he was in. Dylan- Daryl Sabara *insert obligatory “WHO?!?!?!?!” here* you may remember him as Juni Cortez from Spy Kids. He always displayed talent even at a young age, and the 3rd movie was basically centered around him, giving him a chance to display his leadership. Which is why he gets to portray to timid Speedy. Chelsea- my casting for Speedy is someone who played another hero in another movie. X-men First Class’ Banshee, played by Caleb Landry Jones. He’s got the red hair and the super hero experience. Below you see Sabara on the left and Jones on the right.


Mas Y Menos: *sigh* I just smile getting to say those words. Mas Y Menos are very interesting. For one the Spanish phrase “mas y menos” translates to “more or less” and this tandem is definitely more, but they have to be touching! These guys are always smiling and happy and just trying to have fun ( even though most no one can understand them) and they have the power of super speed but as I said earlier; they have to be touching. Dylan- I’m going with Dylan and Cole Sprouse because for one, I can’t come up with many twins (Haha good luck with that Chelsea!) but these guys are always having fun in their Suite Life series, make em learn Spanish and they’ll fit right in. Chelsea- well Dylan, you did take the obvious choice because there aren’t very many twin actors in the industry… BUT I do have a little something up my sleeve. You may recognize there two guys from Cheaper By The Dozen or you may recognize them from Desperate House Wives. Either way they are the only other twin boy set out there so the Kinsman twins are my pick. Below you see the Sprouse twins on the top and the younger and older Kinsman twins on the bottom.


Cheaper By The Dozen Movie Premiere - Arrivals8_5guxl

Jericho; Jericho is another odd one. First of all how he dresses… ummm.. Second he is mute, meaning he don’t got nothing to say. Third, and most interesting, he can possess any living thing that makes eye contact with him, Crazy right?! Dylan- Know who else is crazy? Michael Cera is. Topped off with curly blond hair like Jericho, the thought of Cera not being able to talk cracks me the frick up. Chelsea- I don’t really like my own pick for this character, but he is the only person I could think of that suits the physical appearance. It’s crazy to imagine Austin Butler playing this role because I think it could be transformed into something really amazing. his powers are beyond belief and I would love to see Butler test his limits with the role though. If you aren’t familiar with his name, maybe Zoey 101 will ring a bell? Below you see Bleaker… I mean Cera on the left and Butler on the right.


Terra: Now we are getting into the villains. While Terra wasn’t necessarily a villain, she wasn’t necessarily a Titan either. She likes to play. Play the field of good and evil. And play with poor Beast Boys heart to gain advantage for Slade ( more on that later). She has the ability to control rocks, including riding on the rocks and hurling them at her enemies. Which kind of reminds me of the Earth Benders from Avatar. She is kinda sarcastic, and fun to hang around at first which helps with her and Beast Boys chemistry. Dylan- When I think of a young blond girl who is funny, sarcastic, and knows how to have a good time one actress ticks out in my mind; Nick’s Jeanette McCurdy. She is always making up some brilliant insult in her shows iCarly and Sam and Cat. Also always looking for more ways to have fun, er- get into trouble. You don’t want to piss her off cause she’ll go nuts on you, kinda like Terra. Chelsea- For the female antagonist of the story, I casted Amanda Seyfried who blew me away in the new depiction of Red Riding Hood. I personally thought the movie was going to be corny, but the whole thing was amazing all because of her. She has the capability of being such a great actress and I would love to see her play a bad guy. Below you see McCurdy on the left and Seyfried on the right.

teen_titans_terra_by_savannahdash-d5x2jhaNickelodeon's 25th Annual Kids' Choice Awards - Arrivals2013 National Board Of Review Awards - Inside Arrivals

Jinx: Next we got Jinx who lives up to the expectation of her name. Her main power is to bring people bad luck, but can also hit you with pink laser ribbons. She is always flirting with Robin with leads to a little rivalry with Starfire. She eventually sees the light and joins the Titans on their quest to save everyone, after her long stint with the H.I.V.E. (more on that as well later). Dylan- For jinx I pick fun-loving Anna Sophia Robb because she is always smiling! Jinx likes bringing bad luck, it makes her happy so she is always smiling. Robb has done great jobs in her movies form Bridge to Tarabithea and suspenseful Soul Surfer. She would be perfect for the role. Chelsea- Jinx is such a great character and after see the eldest Fanning playing so many versatile roles, I think I could totally see her younger sister pulling off Jinx. Elle Fanning has my vote for this mischievous character. Below you see Robb on the left and Fanning on the right.


Brother Blood: This guy is messed up. He started this thing called the H.I.V.E. which is basically a school for teenagers to teach them how to be bad, and how to defeat the Titans. While it resembles a cult, he is kind of the pastor If you will. Eventually he catches some bad luck and loses half of his body, causing him to go all Cyborg on us and turn half his body into a robot. Dylan- I went with Donald Sutherland on this one because he has demonstrated his ability to play a controlling head honcho as President Snow in The Hunger Games, and has the look of said Blood with his white hair and facial hair. Chelsea- Well everyone is going to find this strange but I’m picking George Clooney for Brother Blood. I don’t know why but I think they physically resemble one another far too much. It’s a perfect match for me. Below you see Sutherland on the left and Clooney on the right.


Slade- That’s right, the big one. The guy who is a genius, master martial artist, brilliant strategist, and apparent magical connections. He is the main antagonist to the Titans and is currently the only villain still at large. He is sadistic and maniacal pitting Terra, and at one point even Robin against the Titans. Dylan- I got the baddest of all bad A’s to play the most mysterious, and still at large villain of the Titans; Jason Freaking Statham. Ok, so his idle name isn’t freaking but it might as well be! This guy had all the moves, and just carrys that “i’m a boss, and I don’t care” persona wherever he goes. Couple that with his recent blockbuster roles for being said bad A, and you got the best…..Bad-A. Chelsea- Finally we have come to the end. For Slade I have also casted some one that most people would never think of. But here is the thing, most men haven’t appreciated James Franco for the amazing actor he his because they don’t understand his mind. He’s so dedicated to any role, like Johnny Depp he stays in character for the duration of the filming to guarantee he is on top of his game every shot. So for him to play a villain would be magical. Not that his Green Goblin performance was less than that, it was just an early performance for him. He has come a long way. Below you see Statham on the left and Franco on the right.


Well after this long drooling process has come to an end, I (Chelsea) can barley come up with the words to create an ending. I hope we didn’t leave out any of your favorite characters, but if we did… forgive us! It was very difficult to narrow it down to the ones we ended up choosing! Let us know what you think!

See ya, BYE! :)


The Unsung Heroes of the DC Universe

Dylan here, doing my first ever solo post (woot woot!) Pretty excited and have a unique post I want to dive into!

Sure, they don’t have any super powers. They may not even be incredibly strong or fast. But this list of people are not only fun characters throughout the DC universe, but they support and lift up the heads of our favorite heroes when they need it the most. Lets get this thing started.


#3 Lois Lane. I feel like every time a do a top 3 my #3 is a WTF pick. Yes Lois Lane, the lover of Superman cracks the top 3. Superman_T_A_S_Lois_and_SupermanWhen she first learns of Clark Kent’s alter ego she is understandably startled and confused, but all the while she remains supportive. As time goes on she starts to get a feel for what its like having one of Earths most powerful heroes at her beckon call, I can imagine it is fun. Others find out about their relationship and try to take her for hostage, or bait to lure Superman but of course that just pisses him off even more. She is his inspiration, his muse, and his support system. Behind every successful man is a supportive woman, and its no different for ole Kal-El. Lois Lane lands numero tres,


#2 Commisioner Gordon. This one is a little unfair because Gordon is a boss in his own right. 03I mean for one he is a commissioner of the Gotham (one of the most crime riddled cities) police force. He isn’t  afraid to get his hands dirty having roughed up Joker and some other baddies. But what puts him on the unsung list is how he assists the caped crusader. Gordon is a friend to the bat, when many are scared of him at first. He helps him form strategies and is his man on the inside. When it comes down to it the Commish has Wanes back and sometimes that exactly what he needs.


#1 Alfred Pennyworth. First off let me just say that I believe Michael Caine performed Alfred_batman_tashis role as Alfred in the Dark Knight Trilogy perfectly, to the T, and spot on. Right down to the British accent. Alfred has cared for “Master Bruce” ever since he was just a young lad. He has seen his highest of high’s as a billionaire and his lowest of lows wanting to throw in the towel. Against all odds Alfred always encourages Bruce to does what is right, to continue to rid the city of crime. In the third movie we see a glimpse of how much Alfred truly cares about Bruce. Beaten, battered, and broken Alfred pleads with Bruce to finally hang it up, because he cannot stand the idea of having to witness his demise. When he realizes Bruce is going to follow through on his final mission, Alfred turns in his resignation and utters the words, “Goodbye Master Bruce.”




There ya have it. 3 inexplicable qualities that make these 3 individuals who they are. Inspiration, Back-up, and Encouragement. All traits that our heroes need instilled in them, and all traits that these 3 unsung heroes bring. Heres to you “Master Alfred”.

Got a different take on the unsung heroes? Or different unsung heroes? Leave a comment so we can talk about it with you!

See ya, BYE! :)

Our Top 3: Male DC Characters

Dylan here! Sorry for our weekend hiatus! Busy weekend, we probably won’t post on most weekends and will do a bulk of our posts during the week. Give ya something to look forward to.

As you can see we are transition to DC on our top 3 lists. If there is anything that you all would like us to write about, or give our insight on then feel free to leave a comment! Ok, back to Chels, you’ll hear more from me in a minute!

Well, we are at it again. Ranking our favorite Male DC Heroes. You should just know now that we are pretty partial to Marvel, so this was a little harder for us. And we typed this previously but right before posting it, it was all erased… so if you catch some bitterness in our typing…

Chelsea here, kicking off my list with…

#3 nun a nun a nun a nuna blah blah blah… BATMAN! I’ll make this short and sweet, I am only picking this millionaire because I love his batman_solitude_by_garang76-d2zs9dpback story and his villains and everyone else surrounding Gotham City. Really, the only reason I am picking any of the guys I am about to pick are because of their backstory. Batman is a pansy if you ask me, he just pays people to make his weaponry and takes all the credit to himself. He has no real powers or talents. His wealth wasn’t even earned himself, it was passed down to him. Now before you jump down my throat and say he was trained in martial arts by those cult type people, I would commend him for that if he actually used it. BUT he doesn’t. Instead he throws Batarangs at the bad guys and then throws them in jail instead of taking care of them the right way. I will say that he does have a soft heart for orphaned children, like himself, that I appreciate.


#2 with that being said, I bring in my number two pick. untitledThe Boy Wonder himself! Robin! The original one that is, because if you know anything about Robin you know that there has been over five different people, male and female, assume the role of Robin. Again I’m a sucker for his backstory as well as his ending. Dick Grayson’s acrobatic family travels in a circus, where his parents are tragically killed by a gangster for no apparent reason. Bruce investigates the case and discovers the orphaned child, ultimately gaining custody of him and training him to be Robin. He then fights along side of the Gotham vigilante until he heads off to college, where he then proclaims a name for himself as Nightwing.

#1 I bet you can guess what comes next, Nightwing. I know that is kind of cheating because it’s the same person, but I’m going to classify ds;lfknhim separately because he passes down his role as Robin to Jason Todd. While Nightwing or Robin don’t have any real powers of their own, they do both have incredibly stealth acrobatic moves that set them apart from the competition, as well as their mentor. I just love Nightwings story because he overcame his fate and stepped out of Batman’s shadows to become his own hero. Now that deserves a movie, don’t you think?








Let’s see who Dylan comes up with now! Let me guess… Flash, Batman andddd… Aquaman? Hahaha totally kidding on that last one!

Isn’t she just so loving? Ok guys, I’m about to shock the world here again. I’m not gonna be totally cliché, nor am I gonna center my post around all things Batman *cough cough*^^^^^ Growing up I wasn’t as entranced with the DC universe as my friends, thus my knowledge and passion for Marvel. While I know enough about the characters the void of DC in my childhood was filled by Cartoon Network. (Yes, Cartoon Network) Don’t laugh because these guys are pretty cool in their own right, but these three underrated, and oft underappreciated individuals and groups hold a special place in my heart.

#3 Static. “WHO?!?!?!??!?!??!!???????!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!” Static. You know! Static shock, Virgil Hawkins? No? Well that’s what I’m here for. 2665579-static_shock_header_610x450Virgil Hawkins a simple kid with a knack for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. His town of Dakota, riddled with gang activity, was in the middle of a gang war. Virgil was trying to stop his friend when a reaction happened causing a mutagenic gas explosion giving Virg, and all the gang bangers powers. Seeing that his peers had many negative ideas for how to test their new abilities, Virgil became Static to stop all of the “bang babies”. Using his powers to harness and fashion electricity he surfs through the sky on a sewage manhole cover, projects electric jolts, moves objects and people with his bare hands! He isn’t your typical Superman, but his good will and unique super powers snuck into a special place in my heart.


#2 Batman…….Beyond. Batman Beyond as in Terry McGinnis. Where Virgil was a good boy just trying to make things right, Terry was an 120557-batman-batman-beyondangry teenager bent on ending the crime in Gotham that took his own fathers life. Le me set the mood here. 2019 Bruce Wayne is has a new suit, and has severed his ties with all of his former allies and foes. He now is just your everyday vigilante when he answers a damsel in distress call. During this he suffers a small heart attack and says to himself “Never again.” and decides to hang it up. 2039 17 year old Terry stumbles upon the batcave and sleek bat suit after learning of his fathers death at the hands of Jokerz. Under the mentoring of Wayne, with his sleek suit, his futuristic gadgets and motorcycle he starts to slowly dwindle the crime of Gotham. Along the way he makes new foes of his own (Blight, Shriek, Stalker, Jokerz, etc.) and encounters some old “friends” of Wayne (Bane, Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow, and of course The Joker) Terry is a Bad A, which makes Batman Beyond all the more awesome.

#1 Teen Titans…….GO! I know, its a group….AND it’s not the Justice League. Bare with me here.2671168-Teen_Titans_2

While they don’t have the manpower, resources, or even experience of the JL. That makes them even more underrated these are TEENS! Led by Robin, who knows a thing or two about this super hero thing, the TT’s have a very diverse group. Cyborg, Beast boy, Raven, Starfire, Thunder and Lightning, Hotspot, Aqualad, Mas Y Menos, etc, etc, etc the list goes on! Couple that with the revamped Deathstroke as Slade, Robin gone rogue as the AWESOME Red-X, and the cult type villainhood that is The Hive and The Teen Titans just continue to impress. Teen Titans go, right to #1,




If you are a DC fanatic, please let us know who you think are your favorite Male Characters and why! We are really interested in who you all prefer!


Thanks for reading!

See ya, BYE! :)

Our Top 3: Marvel Villains

Chelsea here, kicking off our top three Marvel Villains/Villainess!

#3 The Green Goblin, Mr. Norman Osborn is most commonly associated with the web slinging hero Spiderman. Osborn’s son, Harry, is as we know Peter Parkers best friend. GreenGoblinDafoeThis is a complicated story line but to simplify it… Norman injects himself with a serum he created and makes himself The Green Goblin. Spiderman accidently kills Norman and Harry seeks revenge on the vigilante. Unaware the Parker is the masked hero, he goes after his best friend with hopes to avenge his fathers death. I love the father, son story. It’s endearing and wacky all at the same time.

#2 is going to Magneto. I just have an obsession for the X-Men. All of them intrigue me, good and bad. Magneto who was a victim of the Holocaust, witnessing is own mother being 406px-Magneto_430murdered. Talk about some baggage to hold on to. No wonder he is so vengeful of non mutants. Let’s talk about his powers though, since I didn’t do that with The Green Goblin. HE CONTROLS ALL THINGS METAL. There are so many things in this world he has the advantage on. There was a scene in X-Men First class where Magneto rips out a mans golden tooth. Like, talk about a terribly torturous technique. And a tongue twister… unintended.

#1 has to be an mutant as well, so who is she? Ahhhh… It’s a SHE! Mystique and all of her many different forms. While her normal blue self is beautiful in her own way, I could never kjhkjhget sick of stealing some one else’s face. It’s like dressing up for Halloween all the time! But let’s talk about the true advantages of her mutants self. She can literally take any place, of any person, in the entire world. Her voice also changes to whomever she has transformed into, making it virtually impossible to tell if she is in fact the actual person. In all of the movies you see her embody several different people, and important ones at that, and get away with it. On top of all that, she can kiss some butt. I would not want to go up against her in hand to hand combat.





My turn now! Magneto at #2? Tisk, tisk.

#3 Ultron. I’m going with Ultron because he is one of the more fascinating villains in the Marvel universe. Created by scientist Hank Pym in an ill attempt to recreate originalartificial intelligence, Ultron sprung to life in a ruthless way by lashing out and attacking the one that gave him life. There are many reasons as to why he makes the top 3; he has no regard for human life, he has no compassionate side, and the most frustrating part to Ultron is he cannot be put out of his misery. Even if the Avengers defeat him he has the ability of finding refuge in surrounding computers and other technology. When he resurfaces he is always that much tougher to defeat, as he is constantly “upgrading” himself. The star villain of the approaching Avengers blockbuster locks down the trifecta.

#2 The Sinister Six. Yes, I understand that each of these villains Spiderman has handled individually with ease. It is the fact that they come together with only one goal in mind; defeat Spiderman. Their strength is in numbers and they each bring something new to the table. Vulture has his high-flying antics and wisdom. Lizard has super human strength and agility, did I mention that he was a genius? Electro has the power to wield, and manipulate all things electric. Rhino is just a wrecking ball that cannot be stopped. Mysterio has the whole escape and trickery thing down. Kraven the Hunter is a brilliant strategist and also has a distinct savagery about his motives. Couple all of that together and you have one balanced stable that is to be reckoned with,untitled


#1 Last but not least, the father of all things evil; Doctor Doom. Doom is a special villain because, like Xavier and Magneto, he used to be friends with his protagonist Reed Richards. His entire body is armored by an indestructible metal so he isn’t3083489-comic+scan+376

exactly vulnerable and can definitely pack a punch. His lust for power is what drives Doom, constantly striving for world domination. If all of this isn’t enough to have support of the Fantastic 4’s worse enemy, then let me throw one more fact at you. Victor Von Doom is the inspiration for arguably the greatest cinematic villain of all time; Darth Vader. Boom.






So, there it is. Let us know what you think and give us some ideas for our next posts!

See ya, BYE! :)

Our Top 3: Mavel Female Characters

Dylan will be starting us off again, fingers crossed he doesn’t steal any of my favorite… There are limited female roles in most comics period and to find the cools ones is even harder. So here we go!


#3: Rogue. “Touch me and I’ll kill you.” While she probably never actually said this, it definitely holds true. Anna Marie finds out in the Rogue-x-men-24957901-942-1250most unfortunate of ways, attempting to plant one on her boyfriend and he stiffens up, ceases to breathe, and shows no signs of life. Talk about a mood kill. She can fly, and has the touch of death. What else do you need? Her white streak of hair and southern belle act is always charming, but make no mistake Rogue is a beast and therefore gains spot #3.


#2 Storm. While Chelsea will probably say its incredibly cliché and cheating to put two of the X-Men into my rankings, I don’t really have a choice. Ororo Munroe has the power to control all the weather. Rain, snow, hail, ice, wind, lightning, freezing 1333934-storm100cold temperatures, and blistering hot temperatures. That means she can make tornadoes appear out of thin air, turn up the heat on you, or go all Zues on ya and just freaking strike you with a lightning bolt. Couple her mastery of the elements with the ability to fly and her whited out eyeballs when it all happens, and Storm easily makes it at #2.



#1. The Black Widow. This can get a little dicey. As I saw yesterday a lot of you didn’t agree with my pick of Nightcrawler on my top 3 males (watch the opening of X2 untitledagain and see if that changes your mind). Yes; Natasha Romanov doesn’t technically have any super powers. Newsflash though… Neither does Iron Man OR Batman. Say what you will Natasha is a butt-kicking, ginger headed spy who knows how to get what she wants. A skilled martial artist, an experienced gunman, er woman, and a master tactician. Her role as an ally to SHIELD further proves how brilliant she is, and her merely being mentioned in the same breath as The First Avengers speaks dividends on how her combat skills would compare to another meager spy. Black Widow is a B.A.B. What what.



Well he did, he took my Rouge!


#3 I have to give my number three spot to Rogue, even though Dylan did too. I can recollect being around 8 or 9 and watching the first X-Men movie. 14884_1242677302642_300_400Rouge accidently kills her boyfriend then runs away from home and stumbles across the incredibly confused Logan or as we better know him, The Wolverine. Together they are rescued from Sabretooth and Magneto by Storm and Cyclops, bringing them back to Xavier. From there Rouge sparks up a relationship with Bobby Drake, The Ice Man. Logan becomes extremely protective of her and their relationship continues to grow. So, other than the fact she has the touch of death, I genuinely created a like for her because she was so relatable.

#2 on my list is Emma Frost. My taste for her, like Rouge came from the X-Men movies as well. FirstEmma_Frost_by_diablo2003 Class was an amazing movie and after seeing the movie I was much more interested in Emma’s character then her appearance in Origins. (Quick side note rant: The Wolverine Origins movie is so out of place and completely throws off all the other movies, it literally annoys me to no avail… Rant over.) With that being said, Emma has the ability to crystalize herself, making her almost impenetrable, she also has telepathic abilities as well as telekinetic potential. If she ever managed to tap into all of her powers, she would be a force to mess with.


#1 no surprise here, the most powerful mutant in the comic world, male and female… Jean Grey AKA jean_grey_is_phoenix_by_trktrx-d2yjo5mThe Phoenix. You cannot deny that she is the greatest power to exist. When Professor X first encountered Jean at a young age, she was unable to control her powers because of the immensity of them. Xavier was forced to suppress her telepathic powers therefor forcing her to focus on her telekinesis, allowing her to telepathic powers to grow at their own rate. These intentions were pure in that he didn’t want the strength of any of her powers to out grow the others, which would have resulted in the demise of herself. The coolest part about Jean is her alter ego or split personality, The Phoenix. When in Phoenix form she has what we call the Phoenix Force where her powers escalate beyond imagination. I’m not even going to get into all the things she can do when in Phoenix form because the list is forever long. I’ll just leave it at she IS and will ALWAYS be the most powerful mutant.








There ya have it, our top three Female Marvel Heroins. Like I said with the males… we hope we didn’t offend anyone by not mentioning your faves. If you want to share those with us we would love to hear what you have to say. Ultimately we hope to have opened some insight into our favorite as well!

See ya, BYE! :)

Mortal Kombat vs. DC

Chelsea here, with some Mortal Kombat ranting! I haven’t the slightest idea when the news for this video game was released but I just stumbled across the character photos and I was mind blown. Not only do the Mortal Kombat characters look great but they did the DC characters justice as well. I think the title of the blog gives away the title of the game. Mortal Kombat vs. DC is in stores now! This is a remake of a game if I am thinking correctly and looks pretty cool from what I saw. If you’ve played it or own it let me know what you think of it! If you want some more information on the game head over to www. worldscollide.com and check it out.

Now let’s bask in the glory of graphic animation…

So to start off the DC world we have Superman and his antagonist Lex Luthor, actually looking cooler than ever.



And the notoriously creepy Joker, along side of his favorite person to bully, Batman himself.



Here we have the most commonly known DC women, Wonder Woman and Cat Woman.



These guys who look virtually the same. Shazam on the left and The Flash on the right. Who ever created these guys were obviously oblivious to the fact they look exactly alike.



Lastly we see, in order from left to right, Dark Seid, Deathstroke and The Green Lantern.






I couldn’t start off the MK side with out the most common enemies, Sub-Zero and Scorpion.



This is Shao Kahn and what they are calling Dark Kahn.



Kano and Baraka are two of my least favorite characters, but here they are.



Lui Kang and his rival Shang Tsung.



The partners in crime Sonya Blade and Jax.



And last… but certainly not least… Princess Kitana!


Don’t forget to check out www.worldscollide.com for more details on the game!